Massachusetts Man Dead From Setting Off Explosives


Residents of Salem, Massachusetts received a bomb scare on Saturday, as explosives were set off in a neighborhood home. Police said that the man was found dead inside the home after authorities arrived at the scene. The mayor of the city placed a “shelter in place” order and roads around the home were closed as police checked out the situation and worked to secure the area. The man had apparently set off some explosives, as he was assembling them in an improvised manner and throwing them, only to be fatally injured during.

Saturday morning when police received the call that explosions were heard in a Massachusetts neighborhood, they did not know what to think. In accordance to protocol, they evacuated neighbors, closed off roads, and called in the bomb squad and SWAT team. When police entered the home they heard more explosions but continued on after declaring it safe to enter. What they found was unusual, as it seems that the man who lived in the house had barricaded himself inside and was throwing explosives inside the surrounding building. Police who entered said that the man was armed with bomb-making materials, ammunition and firearms but he was found dead from his injuries.

The man has not yet been identified and police are still unsure of the motive. After they secured the area, Massachusetts authorities released the “shelter in place” advisory and opened up the roads surrounding the home. They stated that no one else was injured from the explosives, except for the man in the home who died from self inflicted wounds. This was extremely lucky as the home was supposedly part of a multifamily building, according to sources, and the police believe that the man, who was a first floor tenant may have recently found out that he was getting evicted.

This suspicion that the man knew he was going to be evicted, could point to a motive, however, as the explosions that the man set off destroyed some of the building inside. Police stated that windows were broken, and other small damages were inflicted to the inside of the multifamily building. As witnesses state that the man was throwing the explosions, it is suspected that he may have been trying to destroy the building, and not necessarily kill himself. However, as the bomb squad reported that the explosives were improvised his plan may have backfired, causing him to be harmed in the process.

Though nothing is certain right now, the man’s body has been taken to the medical examiner and the Massachusetts neighborhood has been secured. Police are still investigating to determine exactly what happened. Sources say that the SWAT team tried to contact the man as they waited outside, before going in as explosives were still going off, but were unable to reach him. They are not sure whether he died shortly after they arrived at the scene, and the improvised explosives were just still going off, or if he died after the explosions stopped, before they entered. Police were unable to enter the building for five hours, due to the situation.

Though Saturday morning had a rough start for many Massachusetts residents, police were able to contain the situation. No one else was harmed, but authorities are still investigating to determine why the man was messing with explosives. Massachusetts police have ruled the man’s death an apparent suicide.

By Crystal Boulware


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