Once Upon a Time: Smash the Mirror (Recap/Review)

Once Upon a TimeSmash the Mirror was a special two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time and it was tense from the moment it started. After the viewers finally learned more about Ingrid and her past in the previous episode, this episode was even more focused on what actually happened between her, Elsa and Anna. Also, Gold finally showed his true colors when Emma came to ask him to take her magic away.

Despite the fact that Emma told everyone to leave her alone, Henry finds her in the woods, but his mother tells him to stay away. She accidentally hurts him and she decides that she wants to get rid of her magic. So, Swan visits Gold and asks for his help and he tells her to meet her at an abandoned manor later that night, because he knows just the right spell that can take her magic away. Of course, there is no spell and Gold plans on trapping Emma and her magic inside that magic hat. Emma calls her parents and tells them that she found a way to fix everything and that she will get rid of her magic, however, Hook knows that there is only one way for this to happen, so he calls Swan to warn her, but she is not answering her phone. So he goes to Gold’s shop and nobody is there, however, he finds a map and he now knows where Emma is headed.

Back in Arendelle, Ingrid tells Elsa that her sister lied to her and that she did discover why their parents went to the Enchanted Forrest. Ingrid also tells Elsa that Anna had a very powerful object and that she wanted to take her magic away with this object. Elsa pretends that she believes her aunt and she faces Anna, however, when the guards leave, she releases her sister from jail and they decide that they will find the urn and trap Ingrid inside. Well, their plan fails and Ingrid casts the spell of Shattered Sight on Anna, who turns against Elsa and eventually captures her into the urn. Ingrid is devastated, because she had big plans with Elsa, so she freezes the entire castle, Anna and Kristoff. When Rumpelstiltskin comes over, he steals the urn and tells Ingrid that she will get it back when she gives him the object that Anna stole from him. However, Ingrid already made a deal with the sorcerer, who possessed this object before Rumpelstiltskin stole it and he promised the Snow Queen to find the third sister for her. So, Ingrid gives the object to the sorcerer’s apprentice and he tells her that the sorcerer found a perfect match, but the third sister is not born yet. The apprentice opens a door and Ingrid enters our world, where she is supposed to wait for Elsa and the third sister.

Meanwhile, Regina and Robin are spending some time together and she tells him about the book. Actually, she tells him everything, including the fact that she is looking for the writer, because she wants her happy ending. Robin steals the book and he decides to find the author. He asks Will Scarlet for help and they go to the library. However, the strangest thing happens when Robin finds a piece of paper in his backpack. This paper was not there before and now it magically appeared. Robin calls Regina and when she comes over there, he shows her the paper. It is actually a drawing of her and Robin kissing in the pub, the exact same night when Regina found out that she is destined to be with the man with the tattoo. Obviously, her story could go to another direction and this gives Regina hope that she might get her happy ending one day too.

Emma arrives to the manor and Gold already put the hat into another room. After he convinces Swan that this is the right thing to do, Gold leaves her alone and he waits outside. Emma is slowly approaching the door and Hook gets there just in time. However, he does not manage to enter, because Gold stops him and ties him to the fence. Luckily, Hook was not the only one who figured out where Emma is. Elsa finds her too and she sneaks in through the back door. Swan almost enters the room, but Elsa tells her that the only way to control her powers is to embrace¬†who she is. When Emma does that, her magic is suddenly under control and Gold is furious when he realizes that his plan failed. However, he tells Hook that in order to get separated from the dagger, he needs a heart of someone special, someone who knew him before he became the Dark One. And Hook is the only person in Storybrooke who knew Gold before. So, Gold takes Hook’s heart, tells him that he is now his puppy and that once he manages to get Emma’s powers inside that hat, he will kill him. It looks like the good old bad Rumpel is back and he is more evil then ever before.

Now that Emma embraced her powers, Ingrid finally gets her third sister. Apparently, in order for Emma to become that, she had to embrace her powers first. Well, with a little help from Gold, she did and Ingrid now puts the magic ribbons on her, Swan and Elsa. Not only that, the Snow Queen is now in total control of Emma’s and Elsa’s magic and she can finally cast the Shattered Sight spell over Storybrooke.

Smash the Mirror episode of Once Upon a Time closes with Ingrid, who casts the spell and she is very happy that she will soon be alone with her two sisters. However, people in Storybrooke went trough several spells before and they always found a way to defeat the villain. It will most certainly be one hard fight for Emma and the gang, but good always wins and the Snow Queen will soon realize that love and trust are something that has to be earned, not forced.

By: Janette Verdnik