Supernatural Actors Were Not Happy With Demon Dean Storyline


Supernatural fans can be happy knowing that the main actors were not happy with the Demon Dean storyline, either. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who play Dean and Sam Winchester on the show, were disappointed that it was over so quickly. It was the storyline so many were looking forward to.

Fans of the show were extremely disappointed to see Dean cured of his demon infliction during the third episode of the recent season. The end of season nine left fans wondering what was in store for the Winchester brothers now. What did it mean that Dean was now a demon, and what would it mean for both Crowley and Castiel?

The chase did not take long. It seemed that Crowley was fast becoming annoyed at Dean’s inability to follow orders, and he called Sam. This was not just a disappointment for Supernatural fans, but also for Padalecki. He had hoped that there would be a long chase like out of the movies. To find him and cure him so quickly just seemed like a waste of a storyline.

While Ackles was disappointed about not playing a demon for too long, he was also disappointed about not seeing more of Sam’s storyline. He did a lot of dangerous stuff while searching for his brother, but all of that has been implied rather than viewed on the screen. It leaves plenty for the imagination, meaning many fans have been running away with it for fan fiction.

While the Supernatural actors were not quite so happy with the Demon Dean storyline, there is certainly still more to come. Ackles hinted that when he spoke about the Mark of Cain that is still there. He was asked about what it now means for Dean, and what thoughts are running through his head.

It seems that Ackles wants his character to focus on the future and living cleaner, rather than worrying about the past. There is just too much going on with the Mark of Cain, and what that will mean now he is back alive. After all, Dean said at the end of season nine that he was becoming something he never wanted to be.

Fans saw during this week’s Supernatural episode that Dean cannot completely control himself. Sam saw Dean fire off a dozen or so extra rounds into a body, but is it the Mark causing him to do that or is there still demon inside of him? Ackles cannot say much about the future storylines, but it appears that the demon inside of him or the Mark is certainly going to be a major part of season 10.

There are a lot of stories to tell this season with four main characters now. That meant that storylines have had to be cut down, including Demon Dean. However, there is still plenty more to come, which Ackles and Padalecki are looking forward to. Some of those include Crowley trying to rule Hell and Castiel fixing Heaven. However, that does not mean the two main actors were happy with the way the Demon Dean storyline was handled in Supernatural.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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