Supernatural Characters That Could Return for Season 10


Supernatural has a habit of bringing back recurring characters randomly, and that could happen in season 10. In fact, fans already saw the return of Chuck at the end of the 200th episode, Fan Fiction. He may not have come back for the episode after, but it seems like he is important. Could it be that those guesses were right? Maybe Chuck is God after all.

However, there are other characters that could still make a return. There are some characters that seem to have been forgotten all about, and left in their own little world.

One of those is young Jesse Turner. He was last seen in season five, and was Supernatural’s antichrist, literally. He was half human, half demon, and supposed to be someone for Lucifer to train. The problem was that he ran away right at the end. Sam and Dean never did go looking for him, but could he turn up at some point during this season?

There is also Adam Milligan, the Winchester brothers’ half-brother. He is presumably currently in the cage in Hell with Lucifer and Michael. However, it does open up the possibility of him coming back. It seemed like his character was purely written in to avoid Sam and Dean going up against each other.

If Adam was a character to make a return in Supernatural season 10, it would make sense for Lucifer to come back, too. The good thing about Lucifer is that he did return during season seven. Sam was having hallucinations of his time in Hell. While that may not be an option again, there could be another way of bringing the character back.

Another angel that quickly became a popular character was Belthazar. This may be a little trickier considering Sebastian Roche, who played the character, is currently in The Originals. However, there are options, even for a one-off. Gabriel—also known as the trickster—made a reappearance after his death, so why not Belthazar?

Cain would be an excellent option to bring back during season 10. He was seen at the end of season nine, and gave Dean his mark. It seems that Dean is making a decision about the Mark of Cain during the winter hiatus, so it would be a good time to bring the man back. It has since been confirmed that Cain will make a reappearance. After all, Cain made Dean promise that he would come back and kill Cain after killing Abbadon.

One of the only liked female characters was Charlie. She never became a threat for the female viewers, and her wit matched Dean’s perfectly. This would be another great character to return to Supernatural this season. In fact, she is supposed to make a return and recently filmed her last scene with the boys. Will this be the last time the Winchesters see her, though?

Some of the characters will be harder to bring back. Fan favorites include John Winchester, Bobby Singer and even Ruby. However, there are other Supernatural characters that really could make a return in season 10.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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