Thanksgiving is Going to a New Level on the Food Network

ThanksgivingThanksgiving is just around the corner and the Food Network is dominating this feast of a Holiday. With new shows like Kitchen Inferno and the Holiday Baking Championship, they are cornering the market on everything from turkeys to dessert. The baking competition is a fresh take on all the cooking competitions and gives the viewers a multitude of recipes that can be used for the upcoming holidays. From cookies to cake, fans will find something to share with the family in this season of giving.

Kitchen Inferno is the newest of the networks cooking shows. With Curtis Stone as the host, it shakes up the competition industry with levels of “make it or break it” ladder climbing stages. This show has the competitors climbing their way to the top by cooking against other chefs and working their way up means going up against world-renowned and even celebrated Iron Chef winners. The tasting is completely blind, with the judges not knowing who made what dish until their choices are made. Fans are looking forward to a Thanksgiving themed inferno, just as Guys Grocery Games and many other featured shows will do this year.

Butterball may have a turkey hot line, but the Food Network will be taking this concept up a notch. With star chefs like Bobby Flay and Giada DiLaurentiis – to name just a couple – they will be starring in a live show where fans can ask questions and have them answered on live TV. Alton Brown and Bobby Flay will also be sharing their favorite and most popular recipes for Thanksgiving. From Gravy to the most downloaded recipe in the channels history, baked mac-n-cheese, cooks the world over will have chef-quality, step by step instructions to highlight the perfect holiday table.

Fans of the cooking competitions need not worry, as an epic Thanksgiving throw down has taken place¬†with two of Food Network’s best; Bobby Flay and Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman. From the city to the country, this culinary competition includes food preparations perfect for home, whether one is country or city minded. Fans know that Drummond pegs herself as an “accidental country girl” with stick-to-the-ribs goodness, from turkey to pecan pie. Flay is known for his layers of flavors and shares with fans his easy to pull off Thanksgiving bird cooking tips.

The competition took place on Drummond’s ranch and, if fans missed it, it is worth looking for. Visually stunning and chock full of award-winning recipes, Drummond goes home the uncontested winner. All the food ideas from this competition are circulating the web, as fans snatch them up to make their own Thanksgiving as epic as a Food Network throw-down.

Fans and newbies alike will enjoy a month full of mouth-watering ways to make this year’s Thanksgiving table the best ever. Who better to showcase all these fantastic takes on turkeys than the Food Network, where all the chefs will be coming out all month long? Fans favorites will be divulging secrets and loads of tips to make the holidays delicious.

By Kristi Cereska

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