The 100 Season 2 Episode 5: Human Trials [Recap/Review]

The 100

Human Trials, episode five of season two, now made it clear that Finn is no longer the guy Clarke fell for in last season’s The 100. He is darker and the events of the season finale affected him, and Clarke has now found out how far he may be willing to go. It really is as if Bellamy and Finn have switched places.

To start with, Clarke is now back in the camp, with people believing that she is a Grounder. That is until Abby sees her daughter, and the audience get the reunion on The 100 that they have been waiting for. The best news for Clarke is that Bellamy and Finn are alive, too. In comes another reunion that people have been waiting for; Bellamy and Clarke hug as they see each other for the first time since she believed he had died.

That is when Clarke finally finds out the truth. The viewers only see it in Finn really when it comes to the Grounder camp. It takes Murphy of all people to stop Finn from massacring the whole Grounder camp one person after another.

Despite Abby ordering Major Byrne not to let anyone leave camp, Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia make it clear they are going to rescue Finn. Bellamy finally explains what happened at the drop ship, but it would have been much better with flashbacks rather than just Bellamy talking about the whole thing. One thing that The 100’s fifth episode of the second season, Human Trials, missed was showing Finn on his path of destruction on screen. In fact, the whole season has missed that so far.

It is not surprising that Octavia wants to find Lincoln, too. After all, he did save her life. Abby does not like the plan, saying that her daughter is “just a kid.” Raven has the best and most poignant line of the whole episode, telling Abby she stopped being that kid the day Abby “sent her down here to die” at the start of The 100.

Of course, there is no stopping Clarke once she sets her sights on a mission. She and her small crew get to the Grounder village, where the shooting is still doing on. A third reunion people have been waiting for happens, but not the happy reunion many hoped for. Clarke is horrified at the destruction Finn has caused.

While Octavia is trying to save her Grounder lover, Lincoln is being tortured by the Mountain Men. The term “human trials” really comes out in The 100 when it is clear the Mountain Men are trialling some drug on him and he has proven to break a record of some type. He has become addicted to the drug, when he is forced to fight another Grounder over another dose, so he can inject himself.

Elsewhere at Mount Weather, the air filtration system malfunctions and Maya starts suffering from radiation poisoning. It is time for the doctor to experiment on the children. She encourages Jasper to let them circulate Maya’s blood through his system. Despite Monty’s objections, Jasper agrees and saves Maya’s life. There is more to this, though. The Mountain Men have some plans for “the 47.”

In other news, Kane is tricked into letting his prisoner loose and putting down his weapons. The prisoner knocks Kane out and throws him into some pit. It brings in yet another reunion that many had hoped for in Human Trials, episode five of The 100 season two; Kane and Jaha.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham