The Originals: Chasing the Devil’s Tail [Recap/Review]

The Originals

Chasing the Devil’s Tail aired last night and it was all about The Originals family drama yet again. With 1,000 years of drama, it should not be surprising that there is so much drama between the siblings and their parents. However, it is all spilling into the lives of others, including Marcel, Davina, Josh and Cami.

The Originals all starts with the poor, still-captured Elijah. He is back inside his mind with young Elijah facing his present-day self. There is a lot that Elijah has hidden over the years, a lot of bad memories. Now that present-day Elijah is all of that rolled into one. Klaus attempts to save his brother by getting into his mind, but it is no use. Hayley realizes there is a mark, and Klaus knows that there is only one plant that will help wake him. That plant is in the bayou.

Hayley decides to take a leaf out of Klaus’ book. Rather than going straight after Esther, she attacks everyone she loves and cares about. There is no stopping this hybrid on the warpath. Finn is the first on the list, and Marcel is the one to turn to. The only problem is that will mean Cami needs to get involved. After all, she is the one who knows him as Vincent, and already has a relationship ith him.

Davina and Kol continue to work together. Both want Klaus dead, but Davina makes it clear that his brain is the only thing keeping him there. How many people really believe that.

In the bayou, during The Originals’ seventh episode Chasing the Devil’s Tail, Klaus comes face to face with his real dad. Ansel admits to watching Klaus over the years, focusing on the good things that he has done. Of course, Klaus’ own self-loathing takes him through all the evil, downright awful things he has done. Is that enough to scare his dad off? Of course not! Ansel already knows.

Back to Kol, The Originals fans get to know more about him. It seemed he enjoyed being a witch after all. It helped that he was good—very good. All he wanted was to get his magic back, which might explain his evil, sadistic actions when he was a vampire. It soon becomes clear that Kol did find a way to access magic, and he was the reason for many of Kieran’s dark artefacts. It also turns out that he has something that can be used against Klaus; a dagger!

Those artefacts come up again. This time Cami brings some along to help trap Finn, including a set of handcuffs. The plan seems to go without a hitch, until Finn starts to suspect Aiden and Hayley attacks. While Hayley is getting her heart ripped out magically, Jackson saves the day. Two arrows end up in Finn, and Cami has time to put the handcuffs on.

Things in The Originals cannot always go to plan, though. Just as Klaus is starting to warm up to his dear-old dad, he has second thoughts. There are some serious trust issues, and who can blame the poor guy? Ansel ends up dead, after telling him that he feels a pull outside of New Orleans indicating that Klaus’ daughter is alive. He also tells him that he wants Klaus to give up his vampire side, and be the King of the Kingdom that he can be.

The episode was full of action this week, and the storyline is moving on at a good pace. But one has to worry about poor Elijah, who was still in the hands of his mothers on The Originals, Chasing the Devil’s Tail.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham