Brian Kelly Country Superstar Gets Epic Tree House [Video]

Brian Kelly
Country music superstar Brian Kelly, of the Florida Georgia Line, contracted epic tree house builder, Pete Nelson, of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, to build him a recording studio in the trees. On the season finale, Nelson and his crew got to work on one of the largest tree houses they have built, with the longest walk-way and bridge from the house to the elevated recording studio.

Kelly and his wife take the tree house master on a tour of their property to find just the right tree. They have to use machetes to get through the dense foliage, but when the set of trees are found, it was worth the trek. The adorable country couple had some explicit requests, and fans of Treehouse Masters know that they will always go the extra mile to meet the clients needs and then some. Kelly’s tree house was no exception, as Nelson personalized every inch, including a rustic sign, with the superstars wife’s company logo, Tribe Kelly, Brittany’s clothing line.

Specific requests are nothing new to the tree house clan, but a round bed was. They took this request to the next level by making the bed supports out of old whiskey barrels. This room of the tree getaway was designed and built around the bed itself. The main floor of the house sports a small but funky and functional kitchen, and they even put in a custom dog bed for Kelly’s dog, Smoke. The rest of the main floor houses the recording studio, with a nook lined with cork for vocals, to a desk and all the needed equipment to capture everything from thoughts, to full on recording of music and vocals.

Nelson goes above and beyond for every customer, not just country superstar Kelly, he even went to the singer’s dad to get pieces of his childhood tree house to build an entrance arbor, which can be seen wrapped in lights at the end of the video below. The somewhat crazy host is known for his extraordinary attention to detail, and his builds range from the very small to the very grand, and he can fit one in at just about any budget.

Other than the Kelly’s masterpiece, the Treehouse Masters have built some pretty unusual tree top getaways, such as a Christmas candy kitchen, and a Japanese tea house. Nelson even takes calls from those that already own tree houses but have issues with them, such as lack of maintenance, or the tree grew too big for the structure. He is so dedicated that he will even help with structures that he did not even build. Nelson is known in the industry as the tree whisperer, and watching him the viewers are at once amused and amazed at his knowledge of the mighty oak, and every other tree.

The video below will take the viewer on a tour of the incredible tree house of Country Superstar Brian Kelly. Viewers will get a behind the scenes look at the entire project. Incredible detail is also one of the signatures of this tree house building group. They take the ideas of their clients and take them to another level all together.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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