Drake and the Drama That Follows Him [Video]


It seems that Drake is not above the drama these days. Too bad it can not just be about the music. Looks like the personal life has become just as important as any new project an entertainer is shelving out. The Canadian rapper/singer has allegedly been getting himself into altercations, caught in love triangles, breaking up “happy” homes, and alienating himself from his label mates. The young star has recently become the center of a lot of public and unnecessary drama fueling the tabloids and gossip columns.

To start with the most recent, Drake and hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs reportedly got into a physical altercation in Miami this past week. Unexpected and, somewhat unbelievable, the issue all started over a series of events. Reports claim that Diddy felt disrespected by the star during a performance at the NBA All-Star Weekend. As the two were on stage with an entourage of people and hype men, Drizzy snatched the mic out of Diddy’s hand before he could start rhyming to one of Drake’s songs. Though Diddy is known to be a ham at times, Drizzy was not letting him steal his moment or ruin the song. The issues only continue to snowball into a larger beef between the two.

Diddy did not like the move of taking away his microphone and decided to confront the Canadian hit-maker. According to an eye-witness report from Page Six and TMZ, the two ended up getting into an argument outside of DJ Khaled’s birthday in Miami at club LIV at the Fontainebleau Hotel. Allegedly, the two were arguing about disrespect and some song rights that Diddy did not feel that the Cash Money artist was entitled to use. With those words uttered from the mogul’s mouth, the punch and slap heard around the world knocked Drake back. Almost taking¬†the Canadian artist back to humility, he was stunned and did not retaliate. Drake ended up walking away from the fight, but not unharmed. Though no word has come from either camp, Rick Ross’s DJ Same Sneaker took to Twitter to further fuel the rumors. He stated that Diddy did, in fact, put his hands on Drake and that the singer/rapper ended up in the hospital¬†with a dislocated shoulder after the altercation. No solid information has followed that Twitter rant to confirm that Drake was in the hospital.

DrakeThis is not the first experience that Drake has had with physical altercations with a fellow celebrity. In 2012, he was also part of a night club brawl. Chris Brown and Meek Mill and members of their entourage ended up getting into a bottle-throwing fight in a New York City nightclub. Earlier this year, it seemed that the two had ended their alleged beef with each other when photos showed the two working together in the studio. Well, all good things come to an end. Just as it seemed the issues were behind them, Chris Brown accused the Cash Money artist of sleeping with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Brown publicly ended his on-again-off-again relationship with Karrueche Tran on allegations that she went on dates with Drake and slept with him. Claiming that Tran was a cheater and Drake was the catalyst behind her bad behavior.

The drama seems to come at the height of Drizzy’s career. After hosting the ESPY awards, releasing some critically acclaimed new music, and preparing for his next project, Drake can not seem to keep those around him happy. Label mate Tyga even claimed that he does not get along with the hit maker and also stated that he was “fake.” Whether or not these situations are solely Drake’s doing or wounded egos, the drama just seems to follow the young star in 2014.

By Tyler Cole



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