How Jamie Dornan Prepared to Play Christian Grey

In a new interview discussing Jamie Dornan’s role as Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, the actor discusses how he prepared to play the role of the title character. Whenever actors take on a new role there is some research that goes into accurately portraying the character. This research might mean doing a ride along with the police or shadowing a professional such as a lawyer. In the case of Dornan’s latest character, that meant hitting the gym and then hitting the sex dungeon before heading home. As part of his preparation to play the role of Grey, Dornan tells Elle UK that he actually visited what he calls a sex dungeon in order to get an idea of the character’s lifestyle.

Speaking to the magazine, Dornan said that he sat down for a beer and basically watched the people in the club do whatever it was that they were into. He said that he saw one dominant with one of his two submissives while he was there. During the interview, Dornan joked that he told the people at the club that even though he was not paying for this he wanted to see a show. After that he said it was what he would describe as an interesting evening. Following his time in the club, he said he went home to his wife and newborn child and took a long shower.

The trip to a sex dungeon was not the only way that Dornan prepared to play Christian Grey. Since the actor has been portraying a sadistic serial killer in The Fall, which is a British drama, he has also learned how to tie a number of what he calls classic knots. This ability to work with his hands and tie different styles of knots comes in handy in his role of Grey, a billionaire who is into S&M in his personal life. In a previous interview this year, the actor mentioned that he has had to put his ability to tie assorted knots to good use a little bit too often in his recent roles. During that particular interview, the actor said he would like to get a role where he does not have to tie women to beds.

Previous roles for Dornan include the Sheriff on the TV show Once Upon a Time as well as Axel von Fersen in the movie Marie Antoinette. Originally the role of Grey was given to Charlie Hunnam but due to scheduling conflicts with his filming schedule on the show Sons of Anarchy, he was unable to continue with the movie. Dornan was cast in the part on October 23, 2013. Filming for the movie which was delayed numerous times eventually started on December 1, 2013 with Dornan in the title role.

Although Dornan does not seem overly comfortable with the world that Christian Grey lives in, the actor has been doing his research in order to best portray the character he will be playing in the movie. Fifty Shades of Grey, which is set to be released on Valentine’s Day in 2015, also stars Dakota Johnson who portrays the lead female character Anastasia Steele.

By Kimberley Spinney


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