Jeremih Arrested Sneaking on Plane

No amount of frequent flyer miles could help Jeremih Friday when he tried sneaking on a plane in New Jersey and was arrested. The Don’t Tell ‘Emsinger, born Jeremih Felton, 27, reportedly missed the final boarding call for his flight to Phoenix and attempted to have a member of his entourage sneak him onto the plane. The incident occurred at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport. Jeremih, who had a performance the night before, was booked on a US Airways flight with his entourage to Phoenix.

The Rhythm and Blues crooner was making his way cross-country to perform at the B95 Fresno Holiday Jam that night in Fresno, CA. He was scheduled to perform alongside Baby Bash, E-40, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain and more. He was unable to make the concert, spending the night in a Port Authority holding cell. reported that the Chicago native missed the last boarding call for his flight so he called his bodyguard, Dontate Cunningham, 26, to sneak him onto the flight. Cunningham opened a rear jet way door allowing the singer to get on board. According to Port Authority, an individual held the rear door open for the singer after the flight was readied for takeoff.

Jeremih and Woods had made it through security but just missed the 1:45 pm call for boarding said Joe Pentangelo, Port Authority spokesman. Members of the singer’s entourage were already on the flight and Jeremih reached out for assistance.

Jeremih rose to stardom with the release of his debut album. It landed the Def Jam recording artist on the Billboard charts in 2009. He is most popularly known for his hit singles, Don’t Tell ‘Em and Birthday Sex. Andy Kellman, All Music Guide reviewer, said that the artist is commonly known for his charming yet sly voice.

According to the New York Daily News, Jeremih and another member of his entourage, musician Adam Woods, 27, snuck onto the plane after the final call for boarding passengers. Personnel caught wind of what was happening and called Port Authority police. Jeremih and Woods were arrested for sneaking onto the plane without incident. Tabloid site, TMZ, reported the story slightly differently, saying that it was in fact the singer who held the door open for late members of his entourage.

This was the latest episode in a string of run-ins with authorities for the artist. Last month, Jeremih and his entourage ran into some trouble in Billings, MT on a tour stop. Local news station KULR reported that while at an area Fuddruckers, members of the entourage started unsuccessfully hitting on an under-aged employee.

She reported the incident to her manager and he came out and told the party to take a seat. At that point they began calling the manager racist and grew increasingly belligerent. While in the process of refunding the group’s dinner, police say the entourage began throwing beer bottles at the manager. By the time police arrived, Jeremih and friends had already left, leaving behind and estimated $700 in damages and an inoperable fryer.

Jeremih and Woods were arrested by authorities and charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct for sneaking on the plane. Both charges were misdemeanor charges. The singer’s bodyguard, Cunningham, was charged with defiant trespass for holding the rear door open for the singer and his musician. All three individuals were held in the custody of Port Authority Friday night awaiting desk tickets of appearance.

By Stevenson Benoit

Rolling Stone
NY Daily News

Photo by Meghan Roberts – Flickr License

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