Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara Engaged

ManganielloJoe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara have only been dating since July 2014 and now the happy couple is engaged says a source close to the two. The couple has been the topic of engagement rumors the entire month of December after they were spotted in Los Angeles out jewelry shopping together. Less than one month later the couple was photographed on their vacation together in Hawaii, smiling and looking happy in each other’s company.

When the couple originally sparked rumors of a possible future wedding, Manganiello had actually purchased a rose ring that cost him $640 and not an engagement ring. Although Manganiello and Vergara themselves have not officially confirmed an engagement, in a poolside picture from Hawaii, the actress can be seen wearing a large diamond ring on her wedding finger. While Vergara has been known to wear a diamond ring in an effort to promote her jewelry line with Kay Jewelers, this ring looks different. The new ring is instead a larger, rectangular shaped stone with smaller diamonds surrounding it.

The couple’s Hawaiian getaway has also featured photographs posted to Instagram including one in which the actress wishes her best friend and love a happy birthday. In that post Vergara said that she hoped the new year was both happy and healthy, while also saying that he was the one person who could always make her laugh.

If Manganiello and Vergara are truly engaged to be married then this will be the second time the actress will have been engaged as well as her second wedding. Vergara had previously been married from 1991 to 1993 to Joe Gonzalez, a marriage that produced her now 21 year old son, Manolo. Prior to starting her relationship with Manganiello, she had just ended a relationship with then fiancee, Nick Loeb. Vergara and Loeb had been engaged for two years when they finally broke up in May 2014. At the time of the break up, the actress stated that the reasons for the split came down to a lot of time apart and working commitments that kept them separated.

Following that separation from Loeb, Vergara and Manganiello quickly began dating. In an interview with People Magazine, the actor had previously called Vergara his celebrity crush and when the issue came out on news stands the couple had already begun dating. When he was asked by Ryan Seacrest about his comments to the magazine he said that he did not remember making the comment but that he guessed it worked. He also said that upon opening the magazine and seeing the crush comment he started to laugh and Vergara had the same reaction. In fact Vergara apparently told Manganiello that she thought it was crazy that he admitted that out loud and to a magazine in an interview.

Although a source close to the couple is saying that Vergara and Manganiello are in fact engaged and she can be seen wearing a new diamond ring in photographs from their Hawaiian getaway, there has not been any official announcements made at this time. As fans wait to hear if a wedding is in the couple’s future, there are still plenty of photographs to enjoy from their holiday retreat.

By Kimberley Spinney


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Photo By Rebecca Carlson – Flickr License

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