Once Upon a Time: Fall (Recap/Review)

Once Upon a TimeAfter one-week break, Once Upon a Time returned with Fall episode. Snow Queen’s plan worked and now that she managed to cast the Shattered Sight curse over Storybrooke, it is on Emma and Elsa to find a solution. Will they succeed before it is too late?

The curse of Shattered Sight is coming and by sundown, it will hit Storybrooke. Gold visits Ingrid and he tells her that he will stay out of her way if she allows Belle and Henry to leave town with him. Ingrid agrees, but Gold has a problem, since Belle discovers that they might be able to create a counterspell. So, Gold meets with Hook and he orders him to go to Granny’s dinner and capture all fairies into the hat, because they are the ones who are helping Belle to develop the counterspell and also, if Hook captures them all, it will be enough magical power for Gold to free himself from the dagger.

Meanwhile, Emma and the gang try to make a hole into the ice wall, because they believe that the curse will not affect them if they leave Storybrooke. However, they fail, but Elsa finds Anna’s necklace inside a crack in the ground and she can now try to find her sister with the locator spell, since she now has something that belonged to Anna. So, Elsa and Emma visit Belle, who tell them that she can make the counterspell with a strand of Anna’s hair, because Ingrid already used the Shattered Sight curse on her once before.

Emma and Elsa follow the necklace and they end up in an old mine, but there is a barrier and Emma does not allow Elsa to move it, because they might end up being trapped there. Swan tells Elsa that they will find another way, but when they meet with the others, they learn that they do not have time to remove the barrier, but the fairies can take the dust from Anna’s necklace and use it for the counterspell. This means that they will destroy the necklace and after a long conversation about whether to save the town or find Anna, they all decide that they have to use the dust from the necklace and save everyone in Storybrooke. Elsa gives them the little bag, but it turns out that she kept the necklace and she gave them pebbles from the mines. Emma decides to go after Elsa, who manages to move the barrier and the two of them find themselves on the beach.

Back in Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff melt down, but they are soon surrounded by Hans and his men. Hans tells Anna that he is now the King of Arendelle and that the two of them are now under arrest. However, Anna and Kristoff manage to escape and she comes up with a plan. She tells her fiance that her parents were looking for a wishing star, most likely because they wanted to take away Elsa’s magic. So, if the two of them get this wishing star, Anna can wish for Elsa to return. The only problem is that the pirate Blackbeard has this item in his possession, so they have to find him and offer him the right price to buy it. When Anna and Kristoff find Blackbeard, they soon realize that it was all a trap and Hans tells them that they were all frozen for 30 years, but the two of them will now die. Blackbeard ties them and he puts them into a trunk, just to make sure that they will actually drown when he throws over them board. Anna and Kristoff are slowly sinking and it seems that this is the end for them.

Elsa and Emma are walking on the beach and they are still looking for Anna. Well, the necklace soon stops glowing and it appears that Anna is really gone. Elsa takes the necklace and as she holds it near her heart, she says that she is very sorry that she did not find her sister, but that she still has faith and that she knows that Anna is still somewhere out there. She also says that she will not give up hope and that she just wishes that Anna was there with her now. Suddenly, the necklace starts glowing again and after an explosion of light, the trunk with Anna and Kristoff comes out of the sea. Finally, the two princesses of Arendelle are reunited an there is still hope to create the counterspell. They are all so excited that they finally found Anna that nobody sees that the bottle, which the queen of Arendelle threw into the sea before she died, also came to the beach, along with the trunk.

When Emma, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff arrive to the Granny’s they find the place torn apart and all the fairies are gone. Emma believes that the Snow Queen did this, but it was actually Hook, who followed Gold’s commands and he trapped the fairies into the hat. This now means that they cannot create the counterspell, so they are all preparing for the worse. Regina takes Henry to the Mayor’s office and she seals him inside, Robin plans to cuff himself onto a tree, Regina seals herself into her vault and Mary Margaret tells Emma to lock her and David into the jail cell. They are all afraid that they will hurt each other when the curse hits and they are doing their best to separate themselves from the ones that they love. Mary Margaret and David are holding their hands while they are waiting for the curse to hit and when it does, they both stop holding hands and they start staring into each other with a really creepy look on their faces. Did the curse manage to destroy the love between them, which until now overcame everything, even death?

Despite the fact that the two sisters are finally reunited, Elsa now has another mission. She and Emma are now the only hope for people in Storybrooke and they are now on a mission to stop Ingrid and break the curse. Next episode of Once Upon a Time, titled Shattered Sight, will air on Dec. 7 on ABC.

By: Janette Verdnik


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