Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Lifts Temporary Ban on Death Penalty


The prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, has lifted a temporary ban on the death penalty following the attack on a military-run Peshawar school that left 142 people killed in the massacre that resulted, according to a report by and Reuters.

The victims of the brutal massacre included 132 children and 10 staff members. The school’s beloved principal, Tahira Qazi, was also a victim of the attack that was reportedly in retaliation for a military offensive conducted against safe havens of the Taliban in the northwest.

According to Pakistani Maj. Gen. Asim Bajwa, the seven Taliban gunmen who conducted the massacre did not have any demands to make. Instead, they just began killing children immediately upon entering the Peshawar school. Starting Wednesday, the government has declared a three-day mourning period will he observed in memory of the victims.

According to a Pakistani official, many of the parents of the slain children are soldiers fighting against the Taliban group that was responsible for the attack and massacre. Nobel Peace laureate Malala Yousafzai stated that she was “heartbroken,” about the massacre.

As a response to the massacre, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lifted the temporary ban, or moratorium, on the death penalty. More details will follow as they become available.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by Koshy Koshy – Flickr License

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