Princess Love Apologizes For Suicide Threat

princess love
Princess Love has issued a statement in which she apologizes for her recent suicide threat following her most recent break up with Ray J, and says that her choice of words was absolutely not a good idea whatsoever. The reality television star opened up about the incident to TMZ, and said that she never actually intended to go through with the act but was just very upset at the circumstances she was in.

The Love & Hip Hop: LA star says that she is fully aware that she took the matter way too far, and feels ashamed over her actions. She explained the reason behind why she uttered the threat to begin with; she and Ray J had become involved in an extremely intense argument over their upcoming travel plans regarding the holidays, in which they had heavily disagreed about what had been decided on and when. Ray J had reportedly been convinced that Princess Love was incensed over a BET New Year’s Eve special he had filmed with another girl, Karrueche Tran (the on-again-off-again, currently off, partner of Chris Brown.)

The NYE special in question was filmed post-breakup, after Ray J ended the pair’s relationship once again as a result of the aforementioned blowout. Upon calling things off, Ray J went to film the episode and ended up spending time with Tran afterwards until four in the morning. Shortly after filming wrapped up, pictures showing the two of them together began to circulate the internet. Upon seeing these photographs of the two looking rather close, Princess Love flew into a jealous rage and began begging her ex-boyfriend to reconcile with her and be with her instead. Ray J declined this invitation, leading the woman to threaten taking her own life over the matter.

Ray J immediately went into a considerable panic over the threat, calling 911 ASAP and informing them of the situation. Emergency personnel responded forthwith, but Princess Love was not at home when they arrived. The rapper, however, soon informed them that he had spoken to her since the threat was issued, and that she was alive and well. He told them that she had taken back what she said, and that there was no danger of her fully going through with what she claimed she was about to do.

The main reason for both Ray J’s panic and Princess Love’s public apology surrounding the suicide threat lays with what recently happened to their good friends Earl Hayes and Stephanie Mosley, who died Monday as a result of a murder-suicide. The pair were married and had been struggling to make their union work for some time, mostly due to Mosley having had an affair with fellow rapper Trey Songz. Hayes reportedly did his best to get past it, but could not bring himself to move on. Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather was on the phone with the man at the time of the crime, which occurred following yet another one of Mayweather’s attempts to urge Hayes to leave his wife for good. The latter man snapped during this final conversation and informed the boxer of his plan to rectify things, something Mayweather tried in vain to talk him out of. Princess Love said in her aforementioned statement that to threaten suicide shortly after such a tragic event having occurred was not in any acceptable, and that she was truly remorseful. The pair have reconciled their relationship once more since the events unfolded.

It remains to be seen how long the most recent union between Ray J and Princess Love will last. She has made it clear, however, that she is incredibly sorry for any upset she caused with her suicide threat and that it was absolutely the wrong decision to make.

By Rebecca Grace

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