Supernatural Season 10 Episode 8: Hibbing 911


Supernatural season 10 has been relatively good at bringing back characters, and episode eight Hibbing 911 has been no different. This week saw the return of Sheriff Jody Mills, but that means something unnatural is around. The first half of the episode was even all about the sheriff, who some fans believe will make a great main character for a spin-off.

This week even had another character reappear. While on a Sheriff’s Retreat, Jody runs into Donna Hanscum. Donna last appeared in The Purge, and is still the fun, over-talkative sheriff the Winchester brothers remember. It is during their retreat that they run into a man who has been eaten to the bone. Of course, Jody instantly suspects the supernatural and calls in on Dean and Sam.

The brothers are back to research, and this time into the Mark of Cain. Dean is getting frustrated at the fact that there is nothing in the Men of Letters’ archive about the mark, but there is something about werewolf transgender issues. He is so frustrated that he decides Jody’s case will be a good break, but it seems she is on Sam’s side after hearing about the demon binge.

It seems the leader of the retreat, Sheriff Cuse, knows more than he is letting on. He does not want to share too much, though, until Jody gets him on his own. Cuse informs her of another murder but would rather avoid too many sheriffs getting involved. For the first time in a long time on Supernatural, the killer remains a mystery for some time in episode eight of season 10, Hibbing 911. Even when the Winchester brothers roll up, the case is still clouded in mystery.

As Sheriff Cuse becomes more and more suspicious, Donna sees him over a bloody body with vampire fangs. Of course, it had to be vampires with Jody around considering her last episode. After sharing her find with Jody, the Winchesters have no choice but to explain what they really do and the fact that they are definitely not really FBI. When Donna finds an address, the four of them soon end up at an abandoned farm house, which is actually a vampire nest.

In a Supernatural twist, Cuse ends up being the good guy. He may be a vampire, but he has turned to drinking bagged blood and wants to keep Jody, Donna and the Winchesters safe. However, it is in vain when two unknown vampires knock them out and tie them up. It turns out that Lynn, a homeless woman Jody saw, is the ringleader of the group.

Lynn is not one for monologues, which is surprising for Supernatural, but the Winchesters and Jody manage to convince her to talk. All that time slips by allowing them to free themselves, but it is Donna who comes to the rescue with a “Hakuna Matata” has she beheads the vamp.

Now that Donna has found out all about the supernatural, Jody promises to train her. It makes sense considering neither seem to escape the weird and wonderful. Meanwhile, it seems Dean may be closer to a decision regarding the Mark of Cain. He tells Sam he never felt like the Mark was luring him to kill, and it was just like normal when he wanted to kill evil, mythical creatures. With the winter hiatus next week, though, it is unlikely that Hibbing 911, episode eight of season 10, is the last Supernatural fans will see of the Mark of Cain.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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