Supernatural Top 5 Alternate Universe Episodes


Supernatural has had a number of episodes set in alternate universes or attempted strange standalone experiments, and this is the top five. It is the top five of the author, with reasons for those episode positions. There are a lot of pick from over the 10-year show.

Number five on the list would have to be What Is and What Never Should Be. It was the first time the show really went into alternate universes and dreams, and was possible due to Djinns. Dean found himself inside his wish, where his mom never died so they never ended up becoming hunters. There were a few flaws in the episode, mainly with Sam not actually having visions—not even mentioning that something strange was going on. After all, just because Mary lived would not have meant Azazel would not have visited Sam’s nursery on that fateful night.

However, this Supernatural episode gave Dean a chance at a normal life. Both Winchester brothers were normal, but it did miss John Winchester. The episode ended with Dean making the sacrifice to kill himself in the dream and shock him back to reality, realizing that the Djinn was killing him.

Mystery Spot takes the fourth spot on the list for Supernatural’s tip to Groundhog Day. Sam lived the same day over and over again during season three as it got closer to Dean’s Hell deal. It was also the second episode to bring in the Trickster, who later turned out to be the angel Gabriel. While Dean continually dying was distressing for Sam and many fans, there were some excellent funny moments between the two main actors.

Number three in the top five of alternate universe episodes of Supernatural is Changing Channels. It brings Gabriel back, as he puts Dean and Sam into the world of TV and game shows. Really, the episode was just a big laugh, with the Winchesters appearing in some great parodies, including one of itself. One of the best moments has to be Dean swooning over Dr. Sexy in the Grey’s Anatomy parody.

The next on the list is one that goes back to season three. In fact, it was the first after the writer’s strike that year and was the first time the show took a completely different take, including the Winchesters swearing. Ghostfacers brought back Harry and Ed as they attempted to make their own reality ghost hunting show. The group ended up getting their own webisode series off the back of this. It is just a shame they could not turn it into a spin-off for Supernatural.

Finally, in the top five list is French Mistake. It is the moment of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki acting as Dean and Sam acting as themselves. It was a silly take on the lives of Hollywood, with Padalecki’s wife, Genevieve, who played Ruby in season four, making a return to the show. The boys ended up in the “real world” when the angel Balthazar put them there to “protect” them. One of the best parts has to be Misha Collins constantly tweeting as the odd man out on the set, and of course Ackles and Padalecki’s extremely bad acting!

Ten years of the show has certainly led to numerous great episodes. When it comes to alternate universes, Supernatural knows how to do them and the above are just this author’s top five episodes.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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