The 100 Midseason Finale: Spacewalker [Recap/Review]

The 100

The death in The 100 midseason finale, Spacewalker, was not that much of a twist. In fact, it was a death that many fans of the show had asked for since the start of the season; possibly a death that many had expected since the season one finale. The episode did do one thing: it made it clear that threats are not idle.

Finn has been struggling with his actions for a couple of episodes now. It seems the trip to Earth and possibly losing Clarke finally made him snap and just weeks ago fans had seen him kill a group of Grounders. There had to be repercussions from that, and one of those was the Grounders wanting Finn’s life.

With Clarke’s plan in motion, she returns to Camp Jaha with Grounders on horseback. Bellamy wants to let Clarke in, who ends up shutting the Grounders out. Finn is the first person she sees and tells him to stay out of the way. Finn knows exactly what the Grounders want, and the rest of The 100’s “sky people” want to give the Grounders just what they want. After all, Finn should have been floated.

There were hints throughout the episode that Finn was going to be the one to die. There are a lot of memories back to his time on the drop ship with Raven, along with the reason he was locked up after all—he took the blame for an unauthorized space walk, which lost two months’ of oxygen, to save Raven. However, Murphy tries to help keep his new friend safe. That boy has grown up a little throughout season two of The 100. Even Bellamy is trying to keep Finn safe, and Clarke wants to see Lincoln. She has no interest in listening to Murphy as she blames him for all this.

The midseason finale of The 100, Spacewalker, is all about trying in vain to save the boy. Lincoln makes it clear that the Grounders want Finn and they will not leave without him. His death is not going to be easy either, as he needs to suffer 18 deaths worth of pain. He will be burned, his eyes, tongue and hands taken and then each member of the tribe will have a turn with the knife.

Jaha tries to make Abby see some sort of sense to protect the rest of the people. However, Abby refuses to let a child go to his death—especially that death. It is Jaha who reminds her that they sent the 100 to Earth, which had a high risk of death to all.

While Finn asks for Clarke’s forgiveness, Kane reappears with the story that he was brought in without knowing where he was going. It leads to Jaha being detained for treason, and Kane may be able to help bring some type of proposal to the Grounders. They could hold a trial for Finn for war crimes and execute him themselves. That would be the merciful and best option.

Bellamy is the only one who seems to suspect that the adults are planning to hand Finn over, and warns his friend. Bellamy needs to get Finn to the drop ship, but Finn refuses to let him come along. He has to do this alone. Of course, Clarke cannot allow that and goes after Finn.

It turns out that the trial in the camp may not work to save The 100’s Finn. Lincoln explains that it will be a sign of weakness on Lexa’s part, and she will die. Life does not have meaning if death does not have cost.

As Finn tries to escape, Clarke says that it will not keep Camp Jaha safe. The Grounders want his blood and they will come after him. After scaring off a Grounder with a gun, the two make it to the drop ship where Bellamy and Raven are waiting, with Murphy joining thanks to Raven’s invitation. However, the Grounders do know that Finn is out and Indra tells Abby that. There is a small stand-off with threats, but it does not stop the planned attack. The drop ship is surrounded by Grounders. It is soon clear that Raven wanted Murphy there for another reason. She asks the Grounders to take him instead.

In the end, Finn is forced to do the only thing that he can to protect those he cares about on The 100. He gives himself up to the Grounders. Clarke and the rest can just watch from the drop ship as Finn is taken to the Grounders’ Commander alive. They get back to Camp Jaha to see a pole being erected. There is nothing anyone can do, but Raven tries by sneaking Clarke a knife while she goes to negotiate a more merciful execution for Finn.

Clarke asks to say goodbye to Finn, and tells him that she loves him. While they hug, she stabs him with a fatal wound. Raven is left screaming for the man who saved her life, held back by Bellamy, as Clarke turns back to the Grounders. While most are outraged, Lexa declares “it is done,” and suggests a truce may be possible on The 100.

The episode made an attempt at redeeming Finn’s character, but it may have been too little too late. However, the midseason finale of The 100, Spacewalker, certainly helped set up the storyline going forward for Raven and Clarke.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham