The Interview to Be Shown in Select Theaters, President Obama on Board

The Interview

The comedy film The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, originally planned to be released on Christmas was removed from all screenings across the U.S. when Sony was hacked and movie-goers threatened by North Korea.

Cinemas in Austin and Atlanta have reportedly revealed screening times, as Sony has changed the decision and allowed select cinemas to show the movie. After public outcry it seemed apparent that many movie fans were upset about the censoring of their theaters.

The Interview being released is making a lot of waves, in fact, BBC Breaking News tweeted that President Barack “Obama ‘applauds’ [the] decision to release.” Seth Rogen also tweeted his excitement. “The people have spoken! Freedom has prevailed!”

Sony has changed their decision and now plan to release The Interview at select theaters only, more of which will likely be announced in the next two days. The screenings are planned for Christmas Day.

By Garrett Jutte
Breaking News
BBC News

Photo by Boris Reztsov – Flickr Licence

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