The Originals Midseason Finale: The Map of Moments [Recap/Review]

The Originals

The Originals midseason finale, The Map of Moments, aired last night. The cast delivered an action-packed episode, with beautiful moments that included Klaus and his daughter. However, in true style there were some shocking moments that make the show one to watch after the New Year.

Last week was left with Hayley and Klaus in a race against time to save their daughter and Rebekah. Elijah is on a path of destruction and certainly not the Original Vampire that fans have come to know and love. Cami, meanwhile, was revealled to be Rebekah’s vessel for the transition, while Kol is happy to join the siblings to take down Esther for good.

The episode starts with another flashback, which is something The Originals is proving to be excellent at. The flashbacks are necessary, and go through Kol gaining the paragon diamond in 1914. However, Klaus was a step ahead, and prevented Kol from using the dark object.

After that, there is a flash to the present day with Rebekah arriving home with Elijah and baby Hope. It is clear that Rebekah worries about big brother, but Elijah is not one for babying. Of course, Klaus and Hayley reach them with a touching moment between parents and daughter. It is difficult since both Klaus and Hayley know that they will have to give up their daughter again, and some of that anguish can be seen in the reuinion.

As for Kol, he is focusing on helping Cami. However, there are certainly inner struggles for the poor boy. The Originals midseason finale, The Map of Moments, reveals that he has always been the one on the sidelines. Finn was the mommy’s boy, while Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah continually stuck together. Marcel was even allowed in the inner circle before Kol was. It seems understandable that he would go on his own path out of jealousy of the bonds that he was never part of.

Of course, Davina has some similar feelings after being used throughout The Originals season one. Kol is no longer the odd one out, as the two work on using the diamond. Davina, of course, still wants to kill Klaus, so agrees to finding the diamond with her new best friend. Where is it? Likely with Klaus if Kol knows his brother well enough.

The reunion between Esther and Mikael lacked something, but at least they are back together. Mikael wants to kill his wife’s lover, but learns that Ansel is already dead; and it was at the hands of Klaus.

Cami manages to talk to a captured Finn, and learns all about his hatred of vampires. This is not exactly surprising considering he was all up for Esther’s plan in The Vampire Diaries to get rid of al vampires. However, Finn is also interested in killing the vampire sympathizers. It looks like he wants the whole cast of The Vampire Diaries; witches, werewolves and hybrids alike.

It finally gets to the family reunion, which has been a long time coming this season. It looks like Elijah is seriously tempted by the offer to become human, even if it just means that Esther leaves them alone. He wants Rebekah to think about it. Surprisingly she is not tempted, even though she was the one who always wanted to be human. Elijah seems to truly believe that if he and his sister agree, Esther will leave. That is unlikely considering Klaus is the most lethal and temperamental of them all.

Rebekah seems to have the best plan of the lot, and it is not exactly great. She will go to Esther and agree, and will give Elijah and Klaus the chance to kill Esther while she is weakened during the spell. They will need a new body, since Cami is not an option, but Rebekah says that she can jump back into her own body. In true The Originals style, Klaus agrees to store Rebekah’s body somewhere. He has done it enough over the last millennia.

Kol is even willing to help, of course for a price. He wants the diamond, and admits to Marcel that he is protecting himself from his hybrid brother; in self-defense of course!

Hayley finally tells Elijah that she is going to marry Jackson and just why. It looks like Elijah is happy about it, but not before he finally kisses her passionately. Klaus is amused by the idea, but does not seem to want to prevent it. Maybe he realizes that it is the best option to keep the werewolves on their side for the rest of The Originals season two.

Davina is also there to deflect the spell when Rebekah agrees to body-hopping, but Esther has a twist. She will drive the white oak stake through Rebekah’s body so she cannot jump back into her own body. Klaus gets there hoping to stop the spell, and even offers his own life. It screams scheme on The Originals. However, Esther made a deal with Mikael. He is now allowed to kill his son.

In the end, it was all a scheme. Kol picks the perfect time for Klaus to kill his mother, and Davina uses her own magic to stop the switch between Rebekah and Cami. While Cami survives, Rebekah finds herself trapped in the body of a girl. The good news for The Originals fans is that Esther has been stopped for now. Before dying, Rebekah fed her some of her blood and now it is time for the witch to make a decision: become the thing she hates or die for eternity. Of course, The Originals midseason finale, The Map of Moments, had to end with a twist, and that is Mikael letting Finn escape. The show returns on January 19.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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