American Horror Story Freak Show: Show Stoppers [Recap/Review]

American Horror Story

Show Stoppers added more connections for American Horror Story Freak Show to previous seasons. More specifically, there were more connections to season two, and answered a few questions over Elsa’s torture without going into too much detail.

The first scene finally led to a character getting just what many fans have wanted to see. Denis O’Hare was chased through the camp by the performers after celebrating Elsa’s move to Los Angeles. She announced that Stanley was the reason for the bodies of so many of the American Horror Story family turning up dead, and they were definitely not happy about it.

Jimmy was dealing with the aftermath of Magical Thinking. Not only are his hands gone, but his dad is dead. However, Elsa revealed that she has been thinking about the boy. She has Massimo, her lover, coming to build new hands for him and shares her history with him. It also appears that she has a heart and wants him to forgive Maggie for her part in Stanley’s plan. Maggie has certainly come to like Jimmy, and is even willing to change his bandages.

Finally, the identities of the men who cut Elsa’s legs off is partially revealed. In true American Horror Story style with all seasons being connected, the men were Nazis under orders from Dr. Hans Gruper, who went by the name of Dr. Arden in the show’s second season. Massimo, who will build Jimmy’s hands, went in search for them but ended up captured and tortured himself. While his body healed, he admitted that his mind did not so he never went to find Elsa after escaping.

Neil Patrick Harris was back in American Horror Story Freak Show, and spent Show Stoppers showing his crazy side again. Marjorie—his doll—is getting jealous of not being allowed to watch Chester with the twins, and keeps telling him to saw them in half. While he tells Marjorie that she is a doll, there are flashbacks of how he killed his wife and her female lover with a hammer.

Chester is certainly not the only maniac in the episode. Dandy returns and tries to tell the twins about their new love interest is really a psycho. There seems to be a huge shift in his character on American Horror Story since returning from the winter break. He does not seem to be the deluded, crazy killer that he was at the start. Is that going to be saved for the season finale?

The camp soon finds out just how deluded Chester is when Maggie offers to be the assistant in the sawing a woman trick. Chester starts seeing his wife, and saws straight through his victim. However, it seems like the freaks do not really care, with Desiree telling everyone to bury her and steal her jewelry. Jimmy does not even seem to care when he finds out. He does have other things on his mind, though.

Only Chester seems to be torn up about the death of Maggie. In an American Horror Story twist, he turns himself into the police, but does not give up all the details. Is this something that will come up in the season finale, possibly to get the show to close down for good?

To top off the bloody violence, the freaks get together and decide Elsa now has to die. She killed Ethel and it is something they cannot forgive. The twins warn her though, and she gets away just in time. Elsa gets to Dandy and offers the freak show for $10,000. He immediately takes her up on the offer, while she gets to L.A.

There was a sort of happy ending for the show. Massimo did stick to his word and built new hands for Jimmy. They may have been wooden, but they are hands and Jimmy seemed genuinely grateful for them.

However, there are still many loose ends for the season. Show Stoppers added many more and the American Horror Story Freak Show finale is next week. Is that enough time to get them all tied up?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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