American Horror Story Season Finale: Curtain Call [Recap/Review]

American Horror Story

Curtain Call aired last night, offering an eventful season finale for American Horror Story. It was also a worthy goodbye to Jessica Lange, who will reportedly not join the cast for the fifth season. There were still certainly some unanswered questions, but when has the show ever closed everything off?

Dandy was back to his whining and tantrums from the start. After taking over the freak show, all he wanted was to make a successful business out of it. However, Penny had predicted the outcome when nobody showed up for the opening night. He even ended up punched by Eve and Paul decided to leave the show. Others walked away with him, but Dandy was not letting that be the last of it.

He decided to go after everyone, with that creepy humming that he sometimes does. The psycho was back, and like most other seasons of American Horror Story, many of the main characters ended up dead. Desiree only survived because she hid, and Jimmy only lived because he was not there. Of course, Bette and Dot survived thanks to Dandy’s infatuation with them.

Bette was offered a choice. She either married Dandy or would die, and she opted for the former. There is no way the Tattler twins would have died when they have another option. They are far too smart. They even convince him to let them hire a maid, and it turns out to be Desiree. The new maid drugged Dandy, giving the twins a chance to tell him that he had been duped. Just as he lost consciousness, Jimmy revealed that he was part of the plan, too.

Dandy wakes up in the American Horror Story season finale, Curtain Call, in the infamous escape tank. Would he be able to Houdini his way out of this one? Not quite. The twins, Jimmy and Desiree all watch as he drowned in the tank, with Desiree calling him a star for his performance.

Meanwhile, Elsa was trying to live it up in Hollywood, only to find out that the WBN network boss was not interested in meeting with her. The receptionist even suggested she change her act, which Elsa did not take kindly to hearing. The slap the receptionist received was perfectly timed as casting junior Michael Beck, played by David Burtka, saw the whole thing.

Taking pity on the star, he casts her and American Horror Story shows that she finally gets her award-winning The Elsa Mars Hour. However, her contract tells her to perform on Halloween, and she already learned that lesson the hard way. At first, she tried to find a way out until she learned her lover was dying and her freak show proprietress/porn star past was coming back to haunt her.

Edward Mordrake reappeared as she performed at Halloween, and stabbed her as many American Horror Story fans expected. However, there was a little twist to this storyline. He told her that her place was not in Mordrake’s afterlife, but in her own possible hell, as Lange’s characters have suffered in the past. She found herself in a freak show afterlife, with all the deceased cast members around.

American Horror Story is not well-known for creating traditional happy endings, but Jimmy, the twins and Desiree got theirs. Desiree spotted part of Elsa’s show while with her children with Angus. Jimmy was also watching briefly, only for the viewers to find out that he was with the Tattler twins, who were pregnant and happy.

It was certainly a strange season, even for American Horror Story. Last night’s episode left some questions unanswered, but tied most of the characters’ storylines up in the show’s traditional way. Curtain Call was at least an American Horror Story season finale to give Lange a good send-off if she does decide to leave for good.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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  1. sewellanne   January 22, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    Loved how they enjoyed popcorn while Dandy drowned….

    • Alexandria Ingham   February 7, 2015 at 4:40 am

      That was amusing to watch. Kept the whole idea of them being entertainers.


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