Facebook to Provide Tips About User Locations

Facebook has installed a new feature for users that will display on their news feeds and will provide information about the location the user is visiting. This new feature is called “place tips.” The new information will appear at the top of the user’s news feed and will consist of what their friends have written about the locations as well as any images related to the place that their friends have shared on Facebook.

Place Tips will also provide information that the location itself has provided to the social media giant for users to read. For example, if you are trying the new sushi restaurant downtown, the user might find reviews from friends that describe what the atmosphere is like, whether it was clean, whether the service was good, and how the food might have been. The information provided by the place might entail what they recommend, any special of the day, a description of food, and prices.


Mike LeBeau, a Facebook product manager, explains the feature is relatively simple and when the user taps on the location they wish to inquire about, a series of cards will come forward with information about the place. The feature will use GPS and Wi-Fi to gain its data.

In providing this new feature place tips, Facebook is using your location to give you information about what you can expect. The feature is not stuck on. The user can simply go to settings and turn it off if they do not wish to receive this information. Also, when someone uses the feature they will not be revealing their location on Facebook and they will not be posting anything to Facebook when they view other people’s posts.

The feature is not unlike other applications like Yelp or Foursquare that allow people to search the locations of restaurants and reviews. Similarly, the social media provider’s place tips will help users to dig a little deeper into the information that is available about the places they are and where they might want to go. Knowing what to expect from a location can aid in getting the most out of the experience.

Place tips is being implemented while the social media giant is in the news for other reasons as well. They have unveiled that for Super Bowl Sunday they are setting up a hub for fans to visit and they are now providing User Privacy Check-up’s. Facebook has also, in response to the recent terrorist events in France, been banned from displaying any pages that show insulting images of the prophet Muhammad in Turkey.

In Facebook providing this new feature that gives users information about the location they are at, they are also following Twitter’s lead in implementing new features that have been kind of isolated by other apps. They are branching out and trying new things they have not done before and providing a fuller service in doing so. Facebook is currently testing this feature in New York where a group of businesses are using Bluetooth beacons to send out information to potential customers who enter into their area. This initial test will help Facebook determine whether the right people are receiving the right tips about the right locations. They want to make sure that they do not send their valued customers the wrong tips.

By Joel Wickwire

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