Grey’s Anatomy: Where Do We Go From Here? [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy returned from its winter break with Where Do We Go From Here. The mid-season finale ended with some cliffhangers, once again showing that no relationship is safe on the show; including relationships with God. The mid-season premiere quickly picked up from where the winter finale left off.

All is still not well between Meredith and Derek. Their marriage is on the rocks, as Derek finally leaves for D.C., and Meredith does nothing to stop it. In fact, she seems a little too okay with the idea of being a single mom to two babies right now. Her passing comments such as “I need a nanny because Derek left” show that she may not be dealing with things, and she desperately needs Christina back. Hopefully Callie can help in that department.

Amelia finds out all about Dr. Herman’s tumor, and now wants to get her hands on it as all doctors want to do on Grey’s Anatomy. However, Herman is not interested, and is very angry at Arizona for sharing the stolen x-rays. It turns out that she has had enough hope thrown at her and is fed up of the disappointment afterwards. She just wants to die passing on her information to someone she respects.

As for Jackson, he was faced with the terrible news that his baby is not healthy. Now he has to tell April about the possible fatal disease, but it is too much for her to handle. The pregnant doctor decides to throw herself into work to avoid the situation, and Jackson tells Owen that she is not fit to operate. It is another marriage on the rocks, as April struggles with her own faith in God. Rather than April breaking down, Jackson is the one that cries in front of Richard Webber.

Where Do We Go From Here does something that Grey’s Anatomy is good at. It brings in a storyline with patients to tell the inner-turmoil and questions that the doctors have. A woman is rushed in with her children, after driving them off a bridge. The husband cannot understand why she would do it intentionally, and it soon shows the turmoil that Meredith’s co-workers are going through. Why would Derek just leave his wife and two children?

At the same time, a pregnant woman is in the hospital and Maggie starts asking all about the gender and baby names. April snaps and finally confronts Stephanie about why she told Jackson the truth and not her. She also struggles to handle the idea of a mother killing her own children, which brings in how this one storyline connects to another doctor in Grey’s Anatomy.

It turns out the mother has a tumor; one that Meredith and Owen can remove. Arizona continues to spend her time convincing Herman to have the surgery, and she eventually gives in. However, she will only do it when there is definitely no other option, because she wants to teach Arizona everything, because life expectancy for doctors on Grey’s Anatomy is always poor.

In the final moments, April breaks down over the realization that her child will either die right away or will need constant surgery to live. It is a heartbreaking moment, and Sarah Drew pulls off the scene perfectly. At the same time, Meredith calls Derek and gives him her blessing without all the aggravation. It looks like they will try to make the long-distance marriage work after the ending of Grey’s Anatomy’s mid-season premiere, Where Do We Go From Here.

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