‘Helix’: Samples of a Deadly ‘Scion’ [Recap/Review]


On Helix tonight, Dr. Sarah Jordan and Peter Farragut reclaim samples that had gone missing, as the CDC scientists continue to unravel the many mysteries of the island of St. Germain and the cult the has settled there. Also, Dr. Julia Walker finds herself captured by her father, Hatake. She becomes subjected to a bizarre sort of family reunion.

Helix viewers like to savor their suspense, as season two of the series outperforms all other Syfy dramas in DVR growth from live plus same day to live plus 3 ratings. That means that Helix is not only popular when it airs, but also it is one of the shows that are most often recorded and watched later on.

Thirty years into the future, Dr. Hatake is still very much alive, on St. Germain, and he is chopping wood while two others talk, his son, Daniel, and his wife, though they are actually both quite dead and Hatake is just a tad, well, deranged. He says someone is coming, and orders the pair “inside.”

Though Helix is split up between scenes from the future and present this season, as with the previous reviews, all of the future scenes will be grouped together. Hatake saw someone approaching and came up behind a woman, Dr. Julia Walker, his daughter. He held an ax to her throat. “I sensed that they would send someone. I didn’t think it would be you,” he said. Then, Helix went to a commercial break.

Realizing that Hatake is not always able to distinguish between fantasy and reality and he is very paranoid, she tried to convince him that she posed no danger and was just there to get his help. “It’s not what you think. A lot has changed since the last time I saw you, father. Ilaria is over.” She told him that only “a few of us are left. Believe what you want.”

Hatake talked with his son, Daniel, and wife, and the actors who played them were in this episode, but they were just products of his imagination, apparently. He argues with the two others, who do not want him to trust Julia and help her.

Dr. Hatake told them “I will discover her true intentions, then I will do what is necessary.”

Dr. Julia Walker told him outside, that she was glad he had found “peace.” She drank from a cup, and then fell to the ground, saying “You drugged me.”

Later in Helix, as Jules began waking up, Hatake said “Good. You’re awake.” He was injected her with sodium pentothal, truth serum. She told him she was there to find a cure. He did not believe that was possible, that immortals could succumb to any known diseases; but, she told him that she was dying.

“Julia — who do you work for?” Hatake demanded.

“Ilaria,” she answered.

During the last couple of minutes of Helix, Julia found herself strapped to a chair, forced to participate in a very creepy “family reunion.” Hatake told Julia it was time to meet her family, her mother and brother. Their dead bodies were positioned in seated positions at a dinner table. Hatake must have recovered their bodies and posed them at the table, probably thinking they were still alive.

Dr. Sarah Jordan is still experiencing morning sickness, and her stomach is slowly getting bigger, though she is already 15 months pregnant. Dr. Kyle Sommers suggested matching the samples from the island with those that they collected from the ship, but those samples are now missing. Dr. Sommers said they “must have fallen out at the shack.” Peter tells Dr. Sommers he will go look for the samples, and says that Kyle should “develop his rapport with Amy.” Amy hit on him the last episode.

Brother Jerome/Alan got questioned by another Brother there, who wonders why he was raking the same spot three times. Alan asked the man about wine barrels that were being brought into the Sanctuary. The man said that whatever was in the barrels, it was not wine.

Dr. Sommers talked with Sister Amy and tried to reassure her about the sexual situation from last episode. He said that “The CDC has very bright flashlights,” that they “turn on the darkness.”

Dr. Sommers asked a girl, Lizzie, about what Soren had told her before he became sick. Sister Amy interrupted her. When she walked off, Lizzie told Kyle that Soren had said “He broke a rule.” She added “He didn’t want to go in the Pit.”

Then on Helix, Peter and Sarah walked towards the shack. Peter said that she should not listen to what Alan tells her. “He killed people, Sarah, in Paris. He became obsessed,” Peter told her he was on cameras, bombing the Ilaria headquarters in Paris. “Innocent people were killed,” Peter told her, “and immortals, just like you.”

Sister Amy and Landry were in a room with a plant that caused people to “lose their free wills.” she told Landry “Maybe they ought to be more afraid of me.” She ordered Landry to take the powdered plant material and he went to where the children where and told them they would play a game called “Time Machine.”

He told Lizzie to go first, and breath in, as he sprayed the substance out and she inhaled it in. Her face got a stunned, blank look on it. Sister Amy had told Landry it would make people eventually want to “literally cut their own throats.”

At the shack, Peter and Sarah saw that Leia’s body had gone. “Someone came to get it,” Peter said “but I don’t think it was anyone from the Abbey.” An enraged man tried to break the door down. Peter and Jordan climbed out of a window with the samples, but the man ran after them. He tackled Peter. Dr. Jordan shot the virus-ravaged man and killed him.

On Helix, Dr. Kyle Sommers wondered out loud “Why is Soren’s blood sugar so high?”

Lizzie told Dr. Sommers to come outside. He was attacked by all of the children, who had rocks. They pounded the rocks into his face and wrists, and other body parts, as the song Sunshine Day played, and Helix went to another commercial break.

At the Sanctuary, Brother Jerome/Alan tried to get into a building. Another Brother asked him what he was doing, and he told him he had been told to bring what he had gathered and store it there. The other Brother told him he was at the wrong building.

Peter and Dr. Jordan came across the body of Dr. Kyle Sommers, and revived him. He said that the kids attacked him, and he then dragged himself back to the Sanctuary.

The CDC scientists on Helix then went to where the children were and they all seemed to be fine. Lizzie came up and hugged Dr. Kyle Sommers, saying “Dr. Kyle!” When she saw he looked pretty badly injured, she asked him “What happened? Did you get hurt?” She seemed genuinely puzzled about how he had gotten his injuries.

“One minute they want to hit me with rocks and the next they want to kick a ball with me?” Dr. Sommers asked Peter and Sarah. Sarah wanted to still get Alan in on the problem, with the kids having been under the influence of a fungus of some sort. Peter eventually relented, but wanted to talk with Alan “alone.”

In the episode of Helix called Scion, back at the Sanctuary, Alan investigated to find out just what was inside the “wine barrels.” Peter came up behind him, and struck his head, knocking Alan out. Either Peter must not at all trust Alan, and believed he was stopping him from doing something bad, like killing more people, or Peter possibly is working for Ilaria, or has been drugged. Who knows? Possibly, the answers to some of these questions will be revealed next week on Helix.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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