Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Aniston ‘Flip Lips’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Wednesday evening featured the fantastic guests, Bill Gates and Jennifer Aniston, who stars in Cake as a woman who suffers from prolonged chronic pain. Later in the episode, Fallon played a game of Flip Lips with her. A video of it is below!

Also, famous celeb chef, Mario Batali, stopped by to give a cooking demonstration, and Jimmy Fallon assisted Batali with a few culinary skills that were uniquely her own. Announcer for the Tonight Show, Steve Higgins, added quite a few laughs, and the house band, The Roots, were terrific, as usual.

Jimmy Fallon said that Jennifer Aniston, Bill Gates, and Mario Batali would be on tonight. Then, he began the Tonight Show with his nightly comedy monologue. He joked about topics from today’s headlines, like President Obama’s State of the Union Address. “Obama credited much of the economic turnaround to improvements in robotics,” Fallon said.

Jimmy Fallon then joked about Biden, and showed a funny clip of him speaking about the deflated football scandal that the New England Patriots were involved in. Fallon also showed a clip of a man who was watching the State of the Union Address, who he compared to “a gray-haired member of the Lollipop Guild from Wizard of Oz.”

The Roots played Jimmy Fallon to his desk, and he said that Blake Shelton would be on tomorrow night, and music from Motley Crue. He also said on Sunday, February 1, after the Super Bowl, he, Kevin Hart, and Will Ferrell will do a three-way Lip Sync Battle for the first time ever.

Fallon said that he had a funny story to share. He talked about making poached eggs that morning, when he was rudely interrupted by someone in the audience, who made connections with “poached eggs,” back to Parks & Recreation, and then to Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The man kept making so-called “connections,” between random things that Fallon said, all of which led back to the Tonight Show. Then, Jimmy Fallon did his own “connections,” and ended by saying, “How do you like me now?”

“I get it — you’re better than me. That was all I had going for me. I’m oughta here,” the man said. He was headed out of the studio, but Fallon coaxed him into heading back to his own seat. However, the man did not stop at his own row — he kept on walking, and went to the producers’ table. He sat down next to the producers, and kept pressing the “Applause” button. Then, the Tonight Show went to a commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

After the break, Fallon introduced his first guest, Jennifer Aniston. He said that she was an Emmy and Golden Globes-winning actress.

“They love you, we love you, everyone loves you!” Jimmy Fallon told her. “I wanted to bring this up to you. I’m jealous, a little jealous, at seeing these photos in magazines with you and your fiance and Seth and Hoard Stern. I’d be fun — I would bring my own bathing suit. Do you wake up to ‘Ragers?'”

“The boys sat around and did Arts & Crafts,” Jennifer said. “Howard paints beautiful pictures.”

“So, they all sit around painting?” Fallon asked her.

“Yes, the girls did Arts & Crafts, and the guys painted,” she answered.

“What about Seth?” he asked.

“He takes pictures off of the Internet and paints them. He’s an incredible artist,” Jennifer said.

Fallon mentioned the Academy snub of her, in not nominating her for an Oscar. She told him “It means nothing to me, Jimmy.” He asked her about the role she plays in Cake, and she told him she plays a woman who “struggles” because she cannot bring herself to commit suicide, like some other woman that she knew of, who had suffered from chronic pain. The clip that Jimmy Fallon showed was of Aniston’s character attempting to get pills in Mexico to use to commit suicide with.

Jennifer asked Fallon if “there was a way I could interview me,” and Jimmy answered that there was, by flipping lips. So, he and Jennifer Flipped Lips. Fallon has done this with many other actors and comedians, but it is still a pretty funny bit. Jennifer had Fallon saying that he was “for Seattle, ’cause we have it all, including the weed.” To check it out, watch the video below!

The Tonight Show went to more commercials. When it returned, Jimmy Fallon introduced his next guest, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. Gates brought Fallon a Seattle Seahawks cap, “because I know you like winners.’

“Is something bothering you?” Fallon asked him, seeing that Bill’s gaze kept drifting over to this Apple computer.

Bill Gates and Fallon talked about Bill’s annual letter. In it, he speaks about several topics, like that he thinks the near future will see the eradication of at least four diseases. He also told Fallon that he thinks people around the world will eventually have access to digital banking with online currency like Bitcoin.

Gates also talked about making sewage into drinking water. Gates brought two glasses of water with him. One contained bottled water, and the other was sewage water. “You get to pick,” Gates told him.

“It’s too easy,” Fallon said.

“Yeah — reverse psychology. You might be right,” Gates agreed.

“On the count of three, ‘Cheers.’ One, two, three, cheers.” The each drank their water. Fallon said that he was pretty confident he had drank the bottled water.

“It was rigged. They both were the poop water,” Bill said. “That’s good poop.”

Jimmy Fallon

After another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his last guest of the evening, chef Mario Batali. Fallon said he is a multiple James Beard Award winner, and has 25 restaurants around the world. “Today, we’re making three things — a cocktail with rye whisky, and two other things, one I made with Josh Groban,” Mario told Fallon. Questlove was also there, to participate in the demonstration and try out the cocktail and food.

Batali cooked a striped bass dish, and had Fallon squeeze blood orange juice onto it. “Watch the suit!” Batali told Fallon, who was in danger of getting the juice on his suit. Batali took the orange juice squeezer from Jimmy Fallon and did it himself. The meal looked like it would be delicious. Then, the Tonight Show went to a commercial break, though it was basically over.

When the Tonight Show came back, Jimmy Fallon thanked his guests, and that was the end of the episode. Jennifer Aniston and Fallon talked about her being snubbed by the Academy for her role in Cake, and they played the game, Flip Lips. Then, Bill Gates talked with Fallon about the Bill Gates Foundation, his annual letter (which can be read below at the last link) and creating drinking water from raw sewage. Chef Mario Batali’s cooking demonstration closed out the show.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Aniston ‘Flip Lips’

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