Jimmy Fallon and Keri Russell Play ‘Inflatable Flip Cups’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Tuesday night, Fallon’s guests were actor Jude Law, actress Keri Russell, and his musical guest was Fall Out Boy. Jimmy Fallon played the game Inflatable Flip Cups with Keri, and they both looked as if they were wearing sumo outfits, though Fallon called them “fat suits.”

Jimmy Fallon joked about the people and events in today’s headlines in his comedy monologue. For instance, Fallon began the monologue with jokes about President Obama’s State of the Union Address. Fallon said that Obama was “more relaxed,” and then, when he was asked why, he said “I don’t know — Colorado.”

Fallon also made jokes about Pope Francis’ views on birth control, and also how difficult some of the questions are on this year’s GED. He read fake “examples” of some GED questions, like “Name some of the members of One Direction, other than Harry?” Another of the questions asked for the person answering it to “write a novel.”

Jimmy Fallon then commented about Tiger Woods and his “missing front tooth,” showing a photo of him and saying “Tiger Woods has evidently joined the Wu Tang Clan.”

Fallon showed a clip from The Bachelor in which the bachelorettes milked a goat and drank the milk. One said “It’s salty and warm and not something I want in my mouth.”

Tonight, it is Questlove’s birthday, so Jimmy Fallon wished him a happy birthday. Then, he talked about some of the upcoming guests on the Tonight Show, and tonight’s guests, like Jude Law, who will be in the upcoming movie, Black Sea. Keri Washington is in the TV series The Americans. Then, Fallon said tonight’s musical guest would be Fall Out Boy, and they will sing their hit, Centuries.

After that, Fallon took a look at the Pros & Cons of Obama’s State of the Union Address.

“Pro: The theme was about the comeback of America. Con: He just talked about the Seattle Seahawks’ comeback for an hour. Pro: After the speech, Obama took questions from popular MTV celebrities. Con: The first question was ‘I cans has ObamaCare?’ Pro: He wants to make community college free. Con: Students at community colleges asked ‘Sounds great, but how much will it cost? Pro: President Obama entered to Hail to the Chief. Con: Biden entered in to Cotton Eyed Joe.”

After a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the Tonight Show, Jude Law. Law said he just finished filming a movie in London with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman.

“I haven’t seen you since Grand Budapest Hotel,” Fallon said. “Wes Anderson seems like such a detail-oriented director.”

“I’d been pestering him for years to be in one of his movies,” Jude Law said. He told Fallon that they had tea together when they first met.

“That movie’s nothing without Jude Law!” Fallon said. “It falls to the wayside without Jude Law.”

Jimmy Fallon said that in a play he saw, Jude Law “was amazing as Hamlet.”

Law talked about stealing from the set. He related that he was given a Grand Budapest Hotel bathrobe. In Black Sea, Jude Law is in a submarine for much of the movie. He said he went on an operation with the Royal Navy and he was on a submarine for a few days.

“Did you feel like you knew where you were? Were you lost?” Fallon asked.

“The time goes by so quickly. But I feel like it helped me film the movie.” He said he felt a sense of claustrophobia the entire time. There were people all around him.

He told Fallon that the smell was unique, and Law said he was told when he left the submarine he would “stink like a badger.” He admitted to Fallon that the person who told him that was right. Fallon then introduced a very cool, but tense, clip from the movie, as the submarine goes down. It keeps descending, and people aboard say “Where’s the bottom? Where’s the bottom?”

Jimmy Fallon

The next guest on the Tonight Show was actress Keri Russell from The Americans. Fallon asked her what the new season would be about.

“More and more fights. Basically, it will center on our daughter. KGB agents try to recruit her.” She told him that Richard Thomas from The Waltons will be on the show, as an FBI agent. She said she will have to fight him.

Keri asked Fallon if he knew what Krav Maga was, and she said “It’s basically fighting to the death.” She said that the Russian KGB agents are trained in that fighting style. Krav Maga is actually a self-defense hand-to-hand system of combat that was developed in Israel by the military.

Jimmy Fallon showed a photo of Keri’s daughter. Keri said “She looks cute, but she’s vicious.” One of the things that her son wrote that he wanted for Christmas was “a fat suit.” Jimmy Fallon mentioned that he happened to have some inflatable “fat suits,” and he challenged Keri to play the game Inflatable Flip Cups after the next commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Both Jimmy Fallon and Keri Washington danced about in their inflatable fat suits before they played. The first person to drink and flip all of his or her cups over would be the winner. Keri had a head start, and had three of her cups drained and flipped to just one of Fallon’s; but, then Jimmy caught up to her, and he finally won it, though the game went down to the very last cup. It was a very close game, despite Keri’s big head start.

Jimmy Fallon

American Beauty/American Psycho by Fall Out Boy was “just released today,” according to Jimmy Fallon. Fall Out Boy cranked up the volume, singing their hit, Centuries. It’s an awesome song, perhaps the best one that Fall Out Boy has ever done before. They gave an amazing performance that probably left the ears of audience members ringing for quite a while.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was pretty entertaining this Tuesday night, with actor Jude Law talking with Fallon about topics like The Grand Budapest Hotel and his latest movie, Black Sea. Keri Russell told Jimmy Fallon a few tidbits about the upcoming season of The Americans, and they played a humorous game of Inflatable Flip Cups together. The episode ended with Fall Out Boy pulling out the jams as they performed Centuries.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Keri Russell Play ‘Inflatable Flip Cups’

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