Life Hacks Every Person Needs to Know

Life HacksLife hacks are those little things that someone else thinks of, causing the to masses say “Why didn’t I think of that?” Here are the top 10 every person needs to know. These are clever, easy and simple things that one can do to make everyday life just a little easier. Some of them will even save the everyday person some money.

Life Hacks1- Up first are those annoying plastic hangers that shorts, skirts, pants and children’s clothes come on – the ones with the clips at each end. As shown (right), just cut them off and use them as chip clips! Stop buying those store-bought clips and recycle and reuse to save some money.

2- Many people have that favorite pair of jeans that fit perfectly and look great, but the zipper will not stay up. If that is the case, take a large circle key chain and attach it to the zipper end. Now just zip up those jeans, loop the key chain over the button and button up!

Life Hacks3- Life hacks which deal with food and beverages are next.  If wine is the drink of choice in the household, try freezing grapes and putting them in the glass of wine. It will keep it cold, look great and will not water it down. If beer is the drink of choice, save money and buy warm beer. Wrap the bottle in a wet paper towel and put it in the freezer. It will be cold in two minutes. Now on to food: As many families are a slave to the microwave nowadays, it gets frustrating only being able to fit one bowl in the microwave at time. Try placing a coffee cup in the microwave – now you can fit one on the bottom and one on top of the cup.

Life Hacks4- Let us look at some practical life hacks for everyday chores around the house, like hanging a picture using those tiny finishing nails. Try using a clothes pin to hold the nail instead of your fingers. Another annoying thing that most people encounter more often than not are those impossible sealed plastic containers (left). Using a can opener will cut right through those seemingly indestructible packages.

5- There are even life hacks for making microwave popcorn, open the bag just a little bit and shake over the garbage to get all the loose unpopped kernels out.

6- There are a lot of tricks for getting those hard-boiled eggs to peel, and one clever person found that if you add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water, the peel will come off easily. Life hacks for eggs continue with how to easily separate the yolk from the whites. Simply crack your eggs into a bowl, then take an empty water bottle squeeze it gently and touch the opening to the yolk, release the pressure on the bottle and the yolk will be sucked up, leaving just the whites.

7- Let us absorb some odors. For smelly gym shoes, a simple tea bag will do the trick. If the garbage is smelling up the house, place old newspaper in the bottom to absorb any liquids and slow down the rotting process.

Life Hacks8- Depending on where one lives, losing power can be more of a normal thing than a rarity. Don’t get caught without a light source during those times it’s needed the most. An empty milk jug and a standard headlamp can light up the night. Use it for camping and have a reliable source of light for the tent or camper.

9- Scratched-up wood furniture just looks bad, so take a walnut and rub it over the wood to cover up those scratches.

10- Life hacks for today’s technology is always a must, so when charging the most important piece of technology – the cell phone – put it on airplane mode and cut the charging time in half. If a reliable cell phone takes blurry or distorted photos, put a piece of scotch tape over the camera lens and see how much better pictures come out.

Commentary by Kristi Cereska

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