Massachusetts Child Hurt by Bobcat Clearing Snow


In Pepperell, Massachusetts a young child was seriously hurt when struck by a Bobcat clearing snow. Massachusetts was hit hard by a blizzard over the last two days, and the two to three feet of snow which was deposited across the state has left massive snow drifts and piles which makes visibility very difficult. The details of the accident have not been made public, but there is no indication that this was anything more than a case of the driver not being able to see the child.

Neither the name or the age of the child has been made public yet. The injuries sustained, however, made it necessary for an evacuation by helicopter to a Boston hospital. No word on his current condition has been given, but a further report is expected once the child has received treatment. Pepperell authorities are investigating the accident, but it is unlikely that any charges will be filed given the conditions. The driver of the Bobcat has not yet been identified, either. It is not known if the individual was working for the city or using the machine for personal snow removal.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Brandon Feagon – Flickr License

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