Mitt Romney’s Political Reinvention for 2016

Since his defeat in the 2012 presidential elections, Mitt Romney, a prominent member of the Republican Party, has been working on his platform. His bid to run for president in 2016 is wide open, and it is heavily believed that he is, and should, run for office. Mitt Romney claims to have reinvented what promises he intends to keep for the 2016 political tussle for the role of the United States president.

Those who supported Romney back in 2012 are urging him to run for the presidency once again. Their main reason for singling him out is their belief that his foreign policies would become effective political strategies for the upcoming years. After he was exonerated of several misleadings, his supporters insist that it makes logical sense for him to place a bid. They also claim that he will hold a distinct advantage over the other Republicans looking to represent the party in the electoral race.

On Friday, Romney said that Obama’s stand on foreign policy has been walking on eggshells as of late. It became a hot topic at the Republican National Committee meeting held in San Diego, and the conclusion that was reached is the world is no safer because of it. The Democratic Party retorted that any presidential candidate who has lost can simply blame any topic that may have led to their defeat. The former Massachusetts governor, like any other politician, will not always be popular with everyone.

However, Romney was ahead of the game with his predictions concerning the ever-changing world. He tried to inform the American government about the growth of radicalization in the Middle East. That pretense to the Islamist threat is obviously more credible now that extremist attacks are springing up around the globe. But, with complications rising all over, simple responses and speeches are not going to make things progress, so Romney will have to be ready to step his game up.

In hindsight, considering Romney’s exceptional record, the people backing him the most believe his third straight run for the Oval Office will go well. Mitt Romney touched on three points for his 2016 political reinvention agenda, increasing security for the world with his foreign policy, generating jobs for Americans, and raising people from destitution.

Romney has adopted the financial plan incorporated by Paul Ryan back in 2012. The budget could possibly initiate extreme drawbacks to organizations impacting the lower class. The Americans assisted by welfare programs such as Medicare or Social Security would have gained an extra advantage with the former governor’s hypothetical leadership.

Under special circumstances, Romney may be chosen to run for a third time. He has experience with presidential debates, being part of the previous two that occurred, but he is not the only Republican vying for Oval Office. Other former governors and senators will be adding their names to the hat. All of them will be implementing populist speeches in the coming months to solicit votes from the majority of the Republican party.

If Mitt Romney and his political reinvention strategy do indeed have so many close supporters for his third bid, then he should have no issue being the 2016 representative for the Republican party. Whomever is elected as the populist, may their campaign go as smoothly as possible.

By Matthew Austin Bowers

Huffington Post
NBC News

Photo by Terence Burlij – Flickr License

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