North Carolina Man Assaults Police Officer

North Carolina

A Lexington, North Carolina man was just arrested after attacking a police officer and being pursued in his vehicle. The incident began at 817 Cotton Grove Road, in the parking area of a Bass Food Mart store. The officer was attempting to conduct a traffic stop, when the man in question, Kareem Hisaun Williams, did not heed the officer and left his car to go inside┬áthe store. The officer reported that when he confronted Williams, the man made threats and hit him. Williams got back to his vehicle, and was pursued by several police vehicles. The chase led to 400 North Main Street, a Char’s Hamburgers restaurant. The suspect again tried to ignore the police at that location, but was apprehended and taken into custody.

According to North Carolina authorities, there was a small child in the back seat of Williams’ car during the entire incident. It has not been revealed what relationship the child was to him, but misdemeanor child abuse was added to the list of charges being brought against him. The officer who was injured was treated and released by a local hospital.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of dfirecop – Flickr License

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