Samsung Z1 Tizen Phone for Indian Consumers Debuts

Samsung Z1

Samsung Z1 Tizen phone for Indian consumers recently debuted as Samsung’s expansion of the mobile experience with features that are simple, yet smart. The Z1 phone is designed to appeal to the Indian big market, offering special benefits for localized entertainment apps, as well as a simple user interface to make it more enjoyable.

Samsung Z1 comes with Tizen operating system, intended to boot faster and make access to apps quicker, plus great performance shown in loading and less data usage. The phone is packed with a battery that promises a long lasting performance, to make sure users stay connected, even when the battery is in its minimal level.

It is not the first time the tech world has seen Tizen, which is in a way, the successor of Samsung’s Bada platform that used to power the South Korean firm’s mobile devices along with Windows Phone, but was quietly stopped for Android. Some wearables have already featured Tizen, which Samsung claims to be light weight, offering tighter hardware-software integration, especially on budget devices. Samsung has pushed Tizen to reduce its reliance on Android, but the OS is facing challenges as it does not get much support from app developers.

Samsung planned to release Z phone last year to be its first Tizen smartphone. However, Z1 has debuted first, and is exclusively for India.

The Indian smartphone market is evolving with its consumers using the phone for video playback, games, TV programs and for a wide range of apps, said President and CEO Hyun Chil Hong of Samsung India. According to Mr. Hyun, they customize Samsung Z1 to meet India’s distinctive needs, which are focused more on entertainment.

Samsung Z1 user interface is easy and simple, with its smoother and faster performance, courtesy of the Tizen OS. The hardware that powers the device is a dual-core 1.2GHz, which works with a 768MB RAM and a 4GB memory that can be expanded up to 64GB via a microSD card. The dual-SIM device has a 1500mAh battery that promises eight hours talk time and seven hours of video playback. Battery life is more enhanced with the distinctive Ultra Power Saving Mode so the handset still runs even if the battery level is already minimal.

Z1 sports a WVGA PLS four-inch screen, that is applied with Samsung’s advanced technology. It allows consumers to enjoy multimedia content to its maximum, such as videos and games, in a crystal clear resolution. Also coming along is a 3.1MP rear camera which could produce quality shots even with low light settings, as well as a VGA front-facing camera that has an auto-face detect so that more natural selfies will be easily captured.

Samsung Z1 Tizen phone for Indian consumers, which debuted recently has a tag price of INR 5,700. It comes in wine red, black and white colors.

Samsung will introduce a free entertainment package Joy Box for Z1 users to have a wide range of entertainment content which spans across categories of videos, music, radio and mobile TV. Consumers are free to access Club Samsung premium content. They can download, stream songs or watch TV live from 80 TV channels.

Samsung Z1 Tizen phone for Indian consumers that has debuted just recently, has an important feature called SOS alert. It allows users to ask for assistance in an emergency situation. It is simple, fast and easy to use – just pressing the power button four times, and the Help message will reach primary contacts and the user location will be tracked so that necessary help will be delivered.

By Judith Aparri

Samsung Tomorrow
The Times of India

Photo courtesy of Samsung Tomorrow – Flickr License

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