Sherri Shepherd’s Surrogate Finally Speaks Out

Sherri Shepherd

The surrogate for Sherri Shepherd and former husband Lamar Sally has spoken out. Jessica Bartholomew shared her feelings on Sherri’s decision not to be a part of the life of Lamar Jr. She spoke exclusively with Diane McInerney of Inside Edition during an interview which aired on January 30, 2015.

Previously Lamar Sr. spoke out and said Sherri walked out on the marriage and abandoned the child. Jessica feels caught in the middle. She carried and delivered the child who was conceived from Lamar’s sperm and another woman’s egg. According to Jessica, the actress did not sign the birth certificate. Although Jessica signed a contract through her surrogate agency, because the former co-host of The View refused to add her name to Baby Lamar’s birth certificate she was added by default as a non-custodial parent.

Sherri reported previously there is more to the story than is being told. She stated her ex-husband deceived her into signing the original surrogate agreement. Lamar disagreed and said this was a lengthy process and he cannot understand why his ex would say she was misled.

Reportedly, the couple paid Jessica $30,000 to carry their child. When she was six months pregnant Lamar and Sherry separated. After the split the Newlywed Game host did not want to have anything to do with the baby who was born on August 5 and has remained in his father’s custody. Lamar maintains Sherri backed out of the surrogate agreement because of their messy divorce.

Jessica said this is really affecting her life. She is listed on the birth certificate as a non-custodial parent and child support is coming after her. The child has health issues and his father applied for state assistance to help with medical needs. When this happens the state’s policy allows them to go after the other parent who is listed on the birth certificate. Jessica added:

I am angry with Sherri. I have to pick up all the slack and medical bills with my name being on the birth certificate as a non-custodial parent. I am still considered the mother of a child that is not mine.

The comedian has yet to contact Jessica to explain why she backed out of the deal. Jessica said early on Sherri seemed very excited and would call and check on her. At the 20th week appointment she was excited because she would get the see the baby for the first time. Now, there is no contact and Jessica said she feels left out in the cold.

Lamar Sr. said he feels horrible that Jessica is going through this; it is not fair. The Broadway actress refused to add Baby LJ to her health insurance and he had no choice but to go through the state. Reportedly, he took all of the documents with him to prove Sherri is the child’s mother, but the state can only go by the name listed on the birth certificate. Sherri refused to be present during delivery so unfortunately Jessica was listed as his mother.

Jessica Bartholomew has finally spoken out. When she was six months pregnant, Sherri made a decision which shocked all the parties involved; she declared she no longer wanted anything to do with the child. The surrogate mother has not spoken to Sherri but is now stuck in the middle and feels bad for the baby who may never know who is mother is.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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