Smoking Tips to Help Reduce Harmful Effects


It was only several decades ago when a non-smoker would be seated next to a smoker on an airplane over the Pacific ocean without a second thought. Now a days, those who choose to light up are being pushed further away from entry ways and completely out of establishments. Less and less common spaces are smoker-friendly and more and more negative press is given to those who create cigarettes as well an emphasis on the negative side-effects of smoking meant to instill a fear into those who smoke. Some wonder if smoking ought to be done away with altogether. For those who do smoke and do not see this reality changing any time soon, here are five tips to help reduce the harmful effects of smoking.

Remember Vibration – Quantum science recognizes all things as energy, or vibration. Thoughts greatly impact the vibrations emitted and experienced by the body. Just as Dr. Emoto noticed in his experiments with water, words and thoughts affect the vibration of things. The human body is made of up 75 percent water and is influenced by intention and thought patterns. Whatever is added to the human body, whether it be food, water or smoke, the intention that is coupled with that thing is going to greatly influence how the body responds to it.

When choosing to inhale smoke from a cigarette, it would be far more beneficial to do so with a blessing on the mind and in the heart than to think fearful thoughts of disease and shame. By blessing the process, the vibration of the body increases and is brought into greater alignment with health and well-being.

Native Americans have been using tobacco as a sacred plant medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years. They teach that when the plant is honored and respected, it blesses the user with guidance, strength and insights, but when used improperly it will make a person sick, afflicting one with disease and suffering even cancer.

Psychic Protection – Often individuals who smoke are doing so in order to create some type of psychic or emotional barrier from the outside world, as a coping or protective mechanism. When this occurs, the process of smoking further cuts one off from their emotions or fears, which need to be recognized and dealt with before the body can continue forward in a state of health and happiness. Life can be challenging and putting up a wall is a short-term solution for feelings of overwhelm or self-consciousness. By recognizing the reasons why one chooses to smoke and taking steps to work on the underlying cause, smoking can become a short-term remedy that can then give way to healing once the emotions being covered are released.

Tools such as Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code is an effective way of pinpointing the emotions which lay hidden in the body field preventing one from feeling they can engage life fully. By having blocked emotions released, smoking becomes less of a needful protector against unwanted feelings.

Go Natural – If choosing to smoke, select natural cigarettes and roll them up by hand. Manufactured cigarettes are full of noxious chemicals far worse than the tobacco itself. Plus, while rolling, time is given for reflection, positive intentions and blessings to occur, encouraging the partaker to go into each experience of smoking with conscious attention and awareness.

In tribal villages and Native tribes, the entire act of packing the pipe is considered a holy event, a ceremony to prepare the mind for the experiences which are to come by partaking of the essence of the plant medicine. Rolling ones own cigarette will not only cut back on chemical intake, but cause reflection time to take the forefront of the smoking experience, leading one into the opportunity to choose each time to be present for the process.

The last several tips for reducing the possible harmful effects of smoking are one – self love, and two – forgiveness. By loving the self, one is released from judgmental attitudes that do nothing but harm one anyway. Forgiveness allows room for error and renewal to happen on a regular basis. No one is perfect, but every person deserves to give themselves a break and press the restart button whenever life seems to be getting them down.

Research has shown that loving the self and practicing forgiveness helps to boost the immune system and reduce mental anguish and stresses. Often the cause of continued smoking comes from insecurities, stress in the home and on the job, and a lack of acceptance for the life one has. By choosing to love the self, no matter what is going on, and to really forgive both the self and others, the psyche is unburdened and freed up from energy which was previously locked up in emotional stresses. This free energy can help the body to stay healthy or to heal. It can improve self-confidence and interaction with others.

By taking care to practice these simple tips, smoking can have a much less harmful effect on the body and mind. If choosing to smoke, take care of the attitude carried within. Remember, intention is powerful. Choose natural tobacco and bless each cigarette to resonate with health and not its opposite. Take responsibility for the emotions carried within and accept the challenge of self-love and total forgiveness. Every person has a crutch sometimes, if smoking is the crutch of choice, make it count.

By Stasia Bliss



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