Supernatural Mid-Season Premiere: The Hunter Games [Recap/Review]


Supernatural returned with its mid-season premiere, The Hunter Games, last night. The majority of fans had one question on their mind: how would the brothers deal with the aftermath of the mid-season finale? Is it really possible for Dean Winchester to be good again?

There have been many trailers for Supernatural’s mid-season premiere, as the cast has counted down to the return. Most have shown Metatron excited at the idea of Dean struggling to deal with the Mark of Cain. A sneak peek clip even showed that he realized the type of person he was becoming, and it was far from the hunter he started as at the start of the show.

It was clear from the start that it would not be easy to cure Dean of the Mark. This is not a symbol that can be just burned off, and Castiel realizes the only option is to call Metatron to help. It shows the dire position they have found themselves in when they have to call for the angel in jail. The question is why they believed Metatron would choose to help them, anyway.

During all this, Dean continues to struggle with the person he is becoming. It has brought a fresh feel to the show that is now 10 years old. It looks to get even worse in the future for the brothers, if the trailers are anything to go by.

To bring Castiel back into it, Supernatural’s mid-season premiere, The Hunter Games, brings Claire back. She is also dealing with the aftermath of her friend being killed, as well as Castiel appearing in the body of her deceased father. She decides to leave, and ends up in a pool hall telling her life story to dangerous-looking strangers. It is Dean who is left to try pick up the pieces, as Castiel tells him they are both struggling with their inner demons. Dean is more likely to get her to open up.

Then there is Crowley dealing with his mother. It is coming back to family for each of the four main characters, and nothing is peachy for any of them. Crowley is being manipulated by Rowena, even though in the past he has proven to be Supernatural’s smartest villain. He is always one step ahead, and it seems like his character is regressing by letting his mother walk all over him. Of course, the show never really ended his human blood addiction storyline, and it is possible that that will come back to hurt him. There is also the possibility that he is one step ahead of her, and just waiting for her to do something that allows him to take her down.

Supernatural still has the main focus on the Mark of Cain and Dean’s attempt to hold onto the person he once was. While many fans may have been disappointed at the first half of the season, it seems the second half is going to give them everything they have been waiting for in the show. The mid-season premiere, The Hunter Games, of Supernatural has certainly given that appearance, anyway.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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