Supernatural Touches on Fairy Tales Again


Supernatural is touching on fairy tales again. The CW released a number of synopses for the show, with episode 12 being one of them. Fans will get the chance to see a new fairy tale with a dark twist, along with 14-year-old Dean Winchester.

While many shows have tried this, only a handful of shows have seen success in the past. Supernatural is one of them, with its dark take on the various tales. Hansel and Gretel has been one that has been avoided so far, but in episode 12, About a Boy, one of the siblings will finally make a appearance.

According to the synopsis for the episode, Sam is trying to get Dean out of the bunker after his acknowledgment that he has become a cold-faced killer. When Sam finds a case where people go missing, leaving behind just their clothes, the brothers decide that there are two possible options: angels or fairies. When they get to the case, they find out it is neither. Instead, another fairy tale has come to life. It turns out that Hansel is turning adults into younger versions of themselves due to the witch—the same witch from the fairy tale that was burned in the oven.

Supernatural fans will also get another chance to see a younger Dean, only this time not in flashbacks. The older Winchester brother will be hit with the spell, and turned into his 14-year-old self. There is no indication whether he will have all the memories of his older self, the way he did when he was turned into an old man.

Supernatural touches on fairy tales again, and seems appealing to many fans. In the past, the show has regularly stepped outside the box and done something completely original. There have been various episodes touching on the weird and the wonderful, with various reasons why.

The first time fairy tales were brought to life was when the brothers had to help a young girl who was in a coma. In her head, she viewed herself as Snow White, and made the three little pigs and Cinderella all come to life.

Fairies have also played a part in an episode, along with aliens and superheroes. Some of these have come to life due to demons and angels, while others have been due to magic spells. The Wizard of Oz was also brought to life, after the Wicked Witch of the West was released in the Men of Letter’s bunker.

It is no secret to Supernatural fans that Dean hates witches, so it will be interesting to see how he handles this situation, along with the aftermath. It will also be interesting to see if About a Boy connects to Crowley’s episode at all. He is currently dealing with his mother, who is also a witch. It is clear that she wants to take over hell, and she may have a link to the witch from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. It would be an interesting way to link the Supernatural stories and touch on fairy tales again.

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