The 100 Mid-Season Premiere: Remember Me [Recap/Review]

The 100

Many fans of The 100 have been waiting for the mid-season premiere, Remember Me. Still reeling from Finn’s sacrifice, they wanted to know just how Clarke, Raven and others who were once close to him would take it. They also wanted to know whether a peace treaty between the Sky People and the Grounders could ever happen.

The episode kicks off where the mid-season finale left off. Clarke is now in shock over the decision she made. While the idea was to prevent Finn from suffering too much at the hands of the Grounders, she has to deal with killing a man she loved. Abby tries to help her daughter, but Clarke starts hallucinating Finn judging her for her actions. In fact, throughout the episode, she sees him everywhere.

The good thing about The 100 is that an alliance is in the beginnings of being formed. The Grounder Commander is willing to talk now that “blood has answered blood.” However, other members of the Grounder tribe are not happy that Finn did not suffer too much. They also want Finn’s dead body, which Abby and Kane do not want to give up. Clarke allows it because she knows they all need to work together. They have a common enemy in The 100: the Mountain Men.

Clarke wants to go with the Grounders to help keep up this ruse that she is creating. However, Abby does not want it to happen. Kane cannot help but point out both sides are being led by children.

Raven was also a focal point for Remember Me, the mid-season premiere of The 100. She is angry at Clarke and wants to go with her for delivering the body. The question is whether Raven and Clarke will ever be able to work together after the actions over the last few episodes.

Bellamy does not think the truce will work out. They need to infiltrate the Grounders, and believes he is the best person for that. The relationship between Bellamy and Clarke is growing stronger, as Clarke makes it clear that she cannot lose him. They have come a long way since The 100 pilot where they were at each others’ throats.

Clarke tries her hardest to show that there can be a truce between them, but Raven makes it clear she is not happy. On the other side, the Grounders are not entirely together on the matter, but the Commander makes it clear that those against it will pay with their lives.

The Commander and Clarke seem to have a heart to heart, of sorts. Recognizing the pain after setting fire to Finn’s body, the Commander tells Clarke that love is a weakness that she needs to get over it. “The dead are gone,” she tells Clarke, along with making it clear that love puts others in danger.

While they toast their new alliance, the Commander’s taster gets sick. It turns out that someone poisoned the group, and all suspicions lie on Raven. It looks like this truce is not going to happen after all. Raven continues to say it was not her, even through the torture she receives at the hands of the Grounders. During this, the Sky People try to find out who in their group was guilty of poisoning them.

In a twist for The 100, it turns out that the Grounders attempted to poison their Commander. Clarke drinks from the bottle to show that the liquid was fine. The poison was in the cup all along. Raven now sees what would have happened to Finn if he had been left to the Grounders. Is that her chance to see that Clarke did the best thing for him?

Over at Mount Weather, the Mountain Men have found out about the alliance between the Sky People and the Grounders. It is a race against time to protect themselves, while Jasper and Monty try to protect their people. They need to get in touch with their people on the outside, and there is a possible option, but it will not be easy.

Monty finds out that the Mountain Men have been jamming signals and even crashed the Exodus ship. He manages to stop the jamming, but is caught in the process and finds out all about the cages that Clarke found at the start of The 100 season two. The good news is Raven gets the message, and they know it is time to save the rest of the kids.

It was a quick-paced episode, following on from the mid-season finale. Clarke has decided to follow the Commander’s advice when it comes to love, and is ready to work with the Grounders to get her people back. The question is whether they will be in time after all the alliance planning in Remember Me, the mid-season premiere of The 100.

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    This review was wildly inaccurate.
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