The 100: Survival of the Fittest [Recap/Review]

The 100

The 100 this week, Survival of the Fittest, gave a little more insight into the world of the Grounders. It was a chance for the Sky People and the Grounders to start training, as they get ready to take on their common enemy. Meanwhile, the adults are quickly learning that they are certainly not the ones in control.

Bellamy has really come a long way on The 100. During the pilot, many fans would never had said that he and Clarke would be close friends and that he would work with Lincoln. However, here he is during this episode letting Lincoln help disguise him as a Reaper. Their time together is also a chance for a heart to heart, and Lincoln shares a story of a man falling from the sky with broken bones. Lincoln’s father made him kill the man, trying to turn him into a monster, but he wanted to help Octavia instead.

Jaha is certainly not happy with the idea of working with the Grounders on The 100. He does not trust the Grounders, but is also weary of the Mountain Men winning this war. He is still trying to keep his people safe, but Kane reminds everyone they have a common enemy they need to protect themselves from on Earth. It appears Jaha’s thoughts are right when one guy turns on Murphy.

Back over to Clarke and Bellamy in The 100’s, Survival of the Fittest, and the Grounders are ganging up on the Sky People there. Quint is not happy that Clarke killed his brother in the fire outside the drop ship. Of course, she counters that he should never have attacked in the first place. They continue to wait for Bellamy and Lincoln, while Clarkes explains the air lock system. Lexa does suggest turning the dam off.

Quint gets Clarke alone and fires an arrow at her head. She runs away, while the Grounders at Camp Jaha teach the Sky People their hand-to-hand combat. Octavia gets into the ring to fight, and is warned that only warriors train her. Apparently, Idra is saving Octavia’s life again in The 100.

Jaha seems to have plans of his own. He corners Murphy to tell him to take him to Wells’ grave. Murphy even gets a gun to go along with on the journey. If the rest of The 100 is anything to go by, Jaha has something up his sleeve.

The Sky People have something to teach the Grounders; shooting. He offers a Grounder the chance to use one of the weapons. After all, they will need them if the Mountain Men have them. Octavia quickly shows that she knows a lot about her boyfriend’s people, and makes it clear that they do not need guns to arm themselves.

Clarke continues to find herself in trouble as Quint wants revenge. Luckily, Lexa is around to save her. Byrne is dead, after her arm was ripped off, and Clarke and Lexa assume it was Quint. When they hear an animal roar, Clarke may have worked out that it could have been this pauna, as Lexa called it. She wounds Quint and then the girls run away. The creature ends up finding Quint, while Lexa and Clarke hide behind a pipe. They quickly realize that they are in a zoo at the creature’s feeding ground, and that creature was a gorilla.

Nothing can be simple on The 100. As they try to escape, Lexa hurts her ankle and is caught by the gorilla. Clarke ignores the words to ignore her and uses her final bullet to get the gorilla to let Lexa go. However, the gorilla is not that forgiving when the girls barricade themselves in an enclosure.

Murphy is struggling to trust Jaha, until the former commander admits that he remembers the names of every single person he sentenced. It does not change too much, though. He goes through the story of how Wells died, though, and tells Jaha that it would never have happened if they stayed on the Ark. Of course, Jaha counters with the fact that everyone would have been dead if they had stayed there.

In the enclosure, Lexa tells Clarke that she is weak. Clarke just makes it clear that keeping Lexa alive is a game plan. She needs a smart leader, which Lexa is. However, more about the Grounders in The 100 is learned when Lexa explains that leaders are chosen through the general’s spirit. They eventually get out of the enclosure and trap the gorilla inside.

Meanwhile, Octavia gets her chance to spar and is knocked down. She gets back up again, but is continually knocked down. Idra says that because she did not give up, it makes her happy. Octavia could become a great warrior and she could become her second in command. At first questioning what she gets, Octavia eventually accepts the position. Later, Kane asks Octavia to be a spy. He clearly does not completely trust the Grounders. Then again, who in The 100 does trust someone else?

Jaha wants to help Murphy, and tells him about the City of Light. He wants to take the Sky People there, but Murphy is sceptical at first.

Back to the tunnels, Bellamy and Lincoln are working their way through, when Lincoln comes across the Reaper drug. He destroys it, and then hears a raider party coming through the tunnels. Lincoln quickly develops a plan so they do not need to run away. Lincoln tells the raiders that Bellamy ran away, and he is blindfolded.

Clarke finally realizes that they do have a way to start the war in Mount Weather. Her army is already inside, and she needs someone to get them to work together. Bellamy may be just that person when he ends up being betrayed by Lincoln and taken into Mount Weather. Lincoln also takes the red drug, sending him into a haze.

The show is certainly progressing with plenty of drama. It is difficult to know who is on which side this season. However, Survival of the Fittest certainly explained more about the Grounders in The 100.

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