The Originals: Brotherhood of the Damned [Recap/Review]

The Originals

The relationships between brothers were tested in The Originals, Brotherhood of the Damned. The one thing the writers of this show are capable of is telling a complicated story without confusing the viewers. This is certainly nothing like LOST.

To start with this week, Marcel is trying to keep Kol safe. The vampires are trapped in the compound still, and are getting hungrier by the minute. Kol, one of the only humans in The Originals, seems like the perfect snack. Right now, Marcel is also dealing with that werewolf bite and he is starting to hallucinate back to his time in the army. Record store Joe’s past with Marcel is shared, and it turns out the two fought together.

The hallucinations are useful for his current situation. He thinks back to when he was taking care of starving soldiers, and when he turned them all to save them from dying of starvation. It was Joe’s idea, though. It turns out that the Germans were defeated thanks to Marcel and his vampires. The pep talk he gave his new vampire soldiers becomes useful for his present day situation. He convinces the vampires not to feed on innocent people in the square when Finn lets the barrier spell down, and they follow their leader perfectly.

While Marcel shows his leadership skills in Brotherhood of the Damned, Hayley and Jackson are getting things ready for their wedding on The Originals. While they collect the moonlight rings, Jackson gets an elder to perform the ceremony. The elder turns out to be his grandmother, who is all about business rather than love. There are a few rituals the two will need to go through before the ceremony takes place, including a truth-telling ritual. It turns out that Hayley needs to tell Jackson the truth about Hope, and that is not something she can do right now. Jackson is not letting her go that easy, and becomes the man of every woman’s dream with his heartfelt speech to convince her to tell him her secret.

Cami is in her first therapy session with The Originals’ more well-dressed vampire, Elijah. She convinces him to open up about the Red Door, which happens to be a metaphor and memory. All the bad things he has done go behind that door, including the first woman he loved. Just after telling her that, Elijah collapses. In other parts of New Orleans, Klaus and Kol also collapse. They all wake up in the “hunt room” and become target practice for witches. Of course, the brothers are all together with Finn.

Finn shares his plan to take Klaus’ city away from him, which is to release Marcel’s hungry vampires on the innocent people. Little does he know that Marcel has a plan to counter it. It takes a while for Finn to get into Klaus’ head, and it turns out to be linked to his birth father. There is a secret that Klaus has that daddy-dearest figured out. That had to be the reason for him to kill the wolf so early on in The Originals.

So his brother does not have to share the truth about Hope, Elijah tells them the truth about Tatia. It prevents the representation magic from completely breaking, but does alter the world the brothers are in. It turns out that Finn has misrepresented his brothers with the animal heads anyway. Finn never realized that Klaus is capable of forgiveness, and that causes the world to collapse. Finn’s perception of his brothers is flawed, meaning his magic is, too. A good little twist for The Originals, but not completely surprising considering Finn was daggered in a box for much longer than the others.

It turns out that Klaus was telling the truth about the forgiveness. He is willing to forgive Elijah for Tatia’s death, but it helps that there is other work to do. The first is to convince Hayley not to say anything about Hope. Brotherhood of the Damned was certainly an episode of The Originals where even the viewers learn more about the characters.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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