The Originals: Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire [Recap/Review]

The Originals

The Originals returned on Monday night from its mid-season break with Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire. Rather than a long catch-up, the show got straight into the aftermath of the break. Of course, everyone is dealing with the aftermath, including a vengeful Finn.

To start, Klaus interrupts a beautiful moment between Hayley and Elijah. Cami needs somewhere safe, and being around Elijah and Hope seems to make sense. Rebekah still hasn’t been found, and Cami may even help Elijah through his post-torture stress. There is an ironic moment for Klaus and Elijah, considering Elijah has been trying to save his brother from his psychotic outbreaks for centuries.

Poor Rebekah is trapped in another body and in some witch asylum with Cassie. This is a place for the coven to send their “broken by magic” witches, even if it was first created as a place to trap Mary Alice Claire. Now a dangerous group called The Kindred are in charge, and they want to prevent Rebekah calling for help.

It seems in true The Originals fashion, Klaus is too busy with one problem to think about another. Hayley is off working on wedding preparations to create a peace treaty between the wolves and vampires, while Klaus is trying to make a peace treaty with Kol. Finally, the moment that many fans have been waiting for happens. Finn turns up and is out for information.

In Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire, the mid-season premiere of The Originals, Finn wants to know where is mother is, and he will start a war. With just a touch of his fingers, he traps everyone in the compound, and even Kol and Davina cannot work together to break it.

While the vampires and wolves drink to pass the time, Klaus—of all people—offers Hayley some advice. He suggest she keeps her affair with Elijah a secret, calling it a “merciful lie.” However, she tells Jackson and all he wants to know is whether she loves him. When Hayley does not answer, Jackson gets his answer. However, the Original’s boundary spell puts a stop to his attempt at leaving her.

The mid-season finale had a shocking twist by turning Esther. Many The Originals fans wondered whether she would let herself die rather than become the thing she hated. By the time Finn gets to her, it turns out that she was too weak. She drank the blood and now she is a “hypocrite,” according to her eldest son.

Rebekah continues to try get in touch with her family. The only problem is The Kindred drug her before she can work out any of the messages her big Scrabble board is trying to tell her.

In the compound, it turns out Davina may have an option. She can put a 60-second block on magic, getting the wolves out. Unfortunately, Kol does not escape. It would not usually be too much bad news until Klaus finds out from Elijah that Kol betrayed them. Kol is left trapped with very hungry vampires in that human body. Marcel is there to protect him, but the question is for how long?

Down at the Bayou, Jackson has a confession for Hayley. He loved her before he ever met her, and he does still want to marry her. Hayley agrees and gets a beautiful engagement ring to go with the confession.

As many The Originals fans expected last year, Freya being mentioned was not just to add more to a back story. The blonde girl that Rebekah saw turns out to be her deceased big sister. Will she turned out to be a vampire-hating Original or someone to actually help her siblings become a family again? Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire definitely threw a spanner in the works, while quickly continuing on from The Originals mid-season finale.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham