The Vampire Diaries: Woke Up With a Monster [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

Returning from a mid-season break can be difficult, but The Vampire Diaries managed it in style with Woke Up With a Monster. There was no long back story to remind viewers of the mid-season finale. It was straight into the action-packed episode.

Everything kicked off with Kai enjoying his breakfast at the Mystic Grill, with Elena by his side. Kai gets straight into explaining what he did to Elena and what it will mean for her. It turns out that he has so much magic now that he is struggling to control it. Elena is not the only person cloaked from others. The Grill’s manager is also cloaked, dead and on the table next to Elena. Kai explains that he wanted to cause a heart attack, but exploded the guy instead. Elena is the perfect person to practice on. She has been used for that in the past, anyway.

While she is tortured, Stefan wakes to hear someone in his home. Jeremy is there, stealing coffee, while Jo practices her own magic. It just seems like a normal day for The Vampire Diaries so far.

The mid-season finale gave Liz fans a shock to find out that she was dying of cancer. Damon is watching over her, while looking over his last texts from Elena. He asks Liz to put an APB on Kai, when Caroline comes with a kale smoothie as a natural way to slow down the cancer. Caroline seems to be the only one who has thought about a way to save Liz by offering vampire blood, but Damon of all people is against the idea. Would it even work on something like cancer, anyway?

In Woke Up With a Monster, Elena has no choice but to call Damon for help on The Vampire Diaries. Kai melts her daylight ring while trying to turn her blood to acid, and comments on how it means so much for her. There seems to be a hidden meaning there, since he would clearly know it is the only way she can withstand the sunlight.

Back with Liz, Caroline says she has found a specialist at Duke. Of course, that sets off some alarm bells for Stefan, knowing that his great-niece is there. He wants to visit Duke to visit a “friend,” but Caroline clearly is not going to buy it. Then there is Enzo, who refuses to let Stefan move on as he has for the last half season of The Vampire Diaries.

While at Duke, Stefan goes off to watch Sarah Salvatore, known as Nelson, while Caroline goes in search of the specialist. After some compulsion, she finds out that total brain radiation is the only option but may not work. In fact, it may destroy the quality of life Liz currently has. So, without a medical solution, Caroline decides there has to be a supernatural one. She tests the vampire blood on a patient with the same brain tumor and finds out that he wakes and has an appetite just days later. It could be good news for The Vampire Diaries fans.

Back with Kai, Damon, Liv and Luke come to save the day. However, Liv and Luke cloak themselves and Damon needs help. The only person to talk to is Jo, who says she needs to be there to cloak Damon. Jo and Damon do find Elena, but as usual on The Vampire Diaries, it is not all smooth sailing from there. Jo collapses from the use of the magic, and Kai turns back up. Just as Damon attacks Kai and starts stabbing him, it turns out that Kai is getting some control over his powers. He makes Damon think he is stabbing Kai, when really he is stabbing Elena.

As Kai tries to get away with Jo, Jeremy and Alaric stop him and take him down. It gives Jo a chance to continue training, without worrying too much about Kai when he is trapped at Alaric’s apartment.

Caroline gets home to spend some time with her mom, and convinces Liz to drink some of her blood. Of course, initially it looks great but since when does anything on The Vampire Diaries go to plan? Well, the truth is never. Back at Duke, the patient coughs up all Caroline’s blood and then seems to die. It seems that vampire blood is speeding up the cancer rather than curing it. Is that what Liz has to look forward to now that she has agreed to drinking Caroline’s vampire blood?

There was certainly a lot of action on this week’s episode, and there is the promise of more to come. Kai is definitely the villain of all villains on the show, since he just cares about nobody but himself. That was clear on The Vampire Diaries mid-season premiere, Woke Up With a Monster.

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