‘American Idol’: Showcase Rounds Begin at House of Blues [Recap & Review]

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On American Idol this Wednesday, February 18, 2015, the competition moved onto the Showcase Rounds, with Showcase #1 taking place at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. The remaining contestants took the stage and performed in front of the three judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban,and Harry Connick Junior, with only the singers who impressed the judges the most getting to move on past tonight.

American Idol started off the hour-long episode with host, Ryan Seacrest, saying that 48 competitors will have to follow in the footsteps of giants. “One last show will seal their fates,” he stated.

Tonight was Final Judgment Night, so to speak, as the first of the Showcase Rounds on American Idol at the House of Blues in Los Angeles proved to be the important pivotal point in the lives of the 48 competitors. After tonight and tomorrow night, only 12 male and 12 female contestants will be remaining and will move on.

Michael Simeon was the first competitor to perform at the House of Blues on American Idol. He was dressed in a white dress shirt and black bow tie as he sang Classic. Jennifer asked him how he has enjoyed his journey so far and Michael said he has enjoyed it, and Jennifer said “We’d like to have you in our Top 24.”

Lornen Lott was the second competitor on American Idol to sing at the House of Blues. She sang a Whitney Houston song, My Heart Will Go On, and NAILED it. Harry told her that it “wasn’t one of your best, for me, performances.” She looked worried, but Harry then told her “You made it into the Top 24.” American Idol went to its first commercial break of the night.

When American Idol came back from the break, the third person to take the stage at the House of Blues was Adam Ezegelian sang the Rock ‘n’ Roll classic, Here I Go Again. He ROCKED IT OUT, but was he good enough to move on?

Adam said that it was his passion to continue on and sing on American Idol. Keith told him “Is there more? We’ll get to see that, as you’re in the Top 24.”

Cody Fry, 24, was the fourth performer to sing on American Idol. He sang a Coldplay song, Viva La Vida. Jennifer said “We think you’re awesome, but you won’t be moving on past tonight.”

Ryan said “It’s now clear that nobody’s safe.” With only 24 competitors getting the chance to continue on to the next round, it is true that some hearts will get broken tonight and tomorrow night on American Idol.

Lovey James, 17, tried to impress the judges with her performance at the House of Blues on American Idol. She had the audience clapping their hands as she sang. She did an awesome job singing Wings. Harry told her “Yesterday seemed to be the time you came alive the most. We’re going to have to see how you do in the Top 24.” Lovey will be moving on to the next round of the competition.

Then, on American Idol, Reno, Hector Montenegro, Zack Kaltenbach, J.None, and Hannah Mrozak, were told the bad news that they would not be moving on. Adanna Duru was the next singer to perform on American Idol at the House of Blues. She KILLED her performance of It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World and likely saved herself. Harry told her “Today is the day we vote. It sucks for the people who don’t make it through. Congratulations, you are not one of those people.”

Maddie Walker sang on American Idol at the House of Blues next. She sang Big Girls Don’t Cry, and did a great job; but, Jenifer told her “Unfortunately, today is a ‘no,’ for you.” The judges talked it over, though, after Maddie left the room.

Rachel Hallack was pretty awesome when she sang at the House of Blues on American Idol singing Gunpowder & Lead. She said “Being on the stage was amazing.” Jenifer told her “We’re a bit undecided about you and someone else.” They will have a Sing-Off, pitting Maddie Walker and Rachel Hallack. They were both very close in how well they sang. There was, they were told, only a few more spaces open.

After more commercials, the two competitors sang once more on American Idol. The person the judges deemed to be the winner will fill one of the last remaining spots and will get to move on, while the loser will be sent home.

The first one of the ladies to sing on American Idol was Maddie, with Red High Heels. Then, Rachel sang Son Of A Preacher Man, and she also did a very good job. Harry asked them to step out for a moment while they talked it over. Harry said he “was split down the middle.” They were evenly matched. Maddie seemed to have the slight edge, though.

When the pair were called back into the room, Keith said “Maddie, you’re suited for the Top 24.” Maddie snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with her performance, and she will be moving on.

Clark Beckham sang Georgia On My Mind at the House of Blues on American Idol, and he DESTROYED the song, in a very, very good way. Keith, Jennifer, and the entire audience gave him a standing ovation. Harry said “We’re as impartial and objective as we can be. I play the piano and sing for a living. You get to live on to the next performance.” Clark will be moving on to the next round.

Daniel Seavey, 15, played the guitar and sang Straight Up at the House of Blues on American Idol. Jennifer said “We’ve been really impressed with you from the beginning. We want you to be in the Top 24.”

Tyanna Jones, 16, was the next competitor to take the stage at the House of Blues on American Idol. She gave an incredible performance, singing Love On Top. Keith asked her “Do you get to perform much live on stage?” She answered “Not really.”

On American Idol, Jennifer said “Watching you in front of the audience was really telling for me. You came to life, and we want you to be in the Top 24. If you want to be…”

Tyanna, of course, told Jennifer “yes.” She came to life in the Showcase Rounds.

Rayvon Owen had the American Idol audience at the House of Blues swaying as he sang a cool mellow song, Lay Me Down. Shannon Berthiaume sang Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin, and WAILED on it.

Jennifer told Rayvon “I think you did great and we want you in the Top 24.” Shannon got a similar answer, and she will also be moving on to the next round on American Idol. Then, the show went to yet another commercial break.

Jax performed last on tonight’s episode of American Idol. She sang in honor of her dad, playing the keyboards as she performed. She was terrific, singing You and I.

Jennifer told her “It wasn’t your best performance. We’ve been such champions of yours from the very beginning.’

Keith said “I thought you were terrific. And, that’s why you’re in the Top 24, Jax.” Jax has one of the most unique voices of the competitors.

Hollywood Anderson then took the stage at the House of Blues. This “might be his last chance to sing on American Idol,” according to host Ryan Seacrest. He will be the first competitor to sing tomorrow night on the show.

By the end of tomorrow night’s episode of American Idol, the last of the Showcase Rounds at the House of Blues in L.A., the 48 competitors who started off tonight will be cut down to just 24. Only 12 males and 12 females will be moving onward to the next phase of the season. Who will stay and who will go? Tune in tomorrow to find out, then come back here to read a recap and review of the episode!

Written By Douglas Cobb

American Idol.net
The Futon Critic

Photo taken by: Frank Micelotta / FOX

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