Bruce Jenner Knew He Was a Woman From Age Five

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner knew that he was supposed to be a woman from the age of five. He reportedly told his family about how long he has known about this, but spoke about how he kept his feelings inside. He knew about his wishes even during the 1976 Olympics, when he took home gold in the decathlon event.

However, the reality TV star has never really been a female in any of his children’s eyes. He has six children from three marriages, two of those are the reality show stars Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Reports include that he has never worn “female attire around” his children. Now that his marriage to Kris has ended, he is focusing on his wants and wishes. He is becoming the person he has always believed himself to be.

His former step-daughters support him during this time. Kim Kardashian has already discussed her support for Jenner during his transition. The Kardashians also reportedly support him as he deals with the aftermath of the car accident a little over a week ago, which led to one fatality.

There have been many questions surrounding Jenner’s transition. Once he split up from his third wife, he started growing his hair and was seen wearing makeup. There were also claims that he had plastic surgery to make his lips look bigger. He has not commented on any of these reports, and simply wants to live his life.

Some of the rumors included that he would get a reality TV show documenting his journey. If this is true, it may include that Jenner knew he was a woman from five years old. However, there are no confirmations over the show. He is reportedly in talks with Diane Sawyer to talk about his transition. They are said to be in final talks for the exclusive interview.

One thing that will definitely not be shared is the name he has chosen for when he does transition. He has not reportedly shared that with his family yet. The Times of India states that he is frustrated with his daughters and step-daughters. Jenner is fed up of the details of his sex change being leaked through them, so he is no longer sharing any information with them. He does not want his sex change to be included in the 10th season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. However, he is conflicted, as the show would help is rumored documentary.

Jenner is reportedly testing his daughters to see who is leaking the information. He is telling different information to see which makes it to the press. However, this comes from an anonymous source. The trailer for the 10th season of the reality show does tease that Kris Jenner has an exciting announcement, and many will wonder if the 65-year-old is the center of that announcement.

Right now, the 65-year-old has a lot to deal with, especially with the car accident. He does appear back to his normal routine, but has previously said that his transition has been placed on the backburner while the car accident is investigated. However, Jenner has reportedly known he was supposed to be a woman from when he was five years old.

By Alexandria Ingham


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