Desperate Farm by Charles C. Anderson: Action Gone Nuclear [Book Review]

Desperate Farm

Desperate Farm by author Charles C. Anderson is another action-packed thriller, a terrific addition to Anderson’s series of books about the life and adventures of ex-SEAL and emergency physician, forty-six year old Andy Carlson. In Nuclear Farm, Carlson and other members of his family, like his wife, Lindsey, and two teen children, Jack and Ava, searched for nuclear bombs terrorists had planted around the country and had to disarm them. The family again faces the threat of nuclear weapons in Desperate Farm, in perhaps the most exciting and memorable book in the series so far.

Desperate Farm opens with action, and the suspense and thrills never let up. Andy and his wife have to face the danger that multiple intruders who have broken into their home on their plantation, the 4,000-acre “Farm” of the series, pose. The main house is linked to an ancient system of tunnels and natural caverns that exists underneath the Farm. The caverns and tunnels have had many uses over the centuries since the 1700s, like storing supplies, hiding from enemies, and even possibly hiding treasure.  Desperate Farm

Andy knows the tunnels and caverns like the back of his own hand. He sets up booby traps like a Claymore landmine in one of the tunnels to take out as many of the people who are after him as possible, disguising it underneath a box of Cheerios. Andy does not know at the time if the intruders are possibly Russian KGB agents, Iranians, or maybe CIA operatives. The Carlsons have had their share of problems from each of these threats before.

Lindsey, a former CIA operative who is also an expert with weapons and hand-to-hand combat, has remained in the house. She communicates with her husband via walkie-talkie, and it is her job to dispatch anyone who has not found his or her way down into the tunnels yet. She kills a woman who had been using their toilet when the others had disappeared behind the armoire that led to access of the Sparkle Room of the cave complex underneath their house.

In the novel before Desperate Farm, called Blue Farm, the Carlsons’ youngest son, Pee Wee, was kidnapped and murdered. The Carlsons had thought for awhile that criminals, or the Russians or Iranians might have been behind the kidnapping; but, eventually they learned that the CIA had pulled it off. Since Pee Wee’s death, Andy and Lindsey had another son, Caleb, who is still an infant in Desperate Farm.

When the motion detector first went off and alerted Andy and his wife that intruders had broken into their house, Andy hoped that they would not turn out to be Nate and Tory, the two love interests of their Jack and Ava from Blue Farm. Fortunately, Nate and Tory were not among the intruders, and they both play key roles later in Desperate Farm, as the Carlsons’ 18-year-old twins take them to the Elk Farm in New Mexico, where they hunt for elk and are hunted by Russians and Iranians who had joined forces and raced after them in SUVs.  Desperate Farm

Andy surmises that the intruders are likely searching for nuclear warheads that they believe the Carlsons have hidden about the Farm located in central Virginia. The way that he and his wife dispatch the intruders is pretty amazing, and it is just a glimpse at the exciting plot to come.

One of the many very cool aspects about Desperate Farm and the entire series of novels is that author Charles C. Anderson combines many true details into his remarkable stories about the Carlson family. For example, there is actually a plantation that is 4,000-acres big in Virginia where he and his family have lived in continuously since the 1740s, and it is called The Farm, and it has an intricate array of tunnels and caverns underneath it. Also, like Andy Carlson, Charles is a retired Naval officer, emergency physician, and a weapons specialist, who has extensive knowledge of his family’s property and Colonial Virginia, in particular, as well as the Civil War.

Desperate Farm is a book that will have readers on the edges of their seats. It is filled with pulse-pounding action, as the Carlsons are joined by Nate and Tory and a friend of the family, Orvel Fletcher, as they attempt to once again defend America, this time from those who would seek to traffic in nuclear warhead components. The family and their friends also face a dual kidnapping and a desperate fight to the death. Check out Desperate Farm and the entire series today!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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