Google Implementing Explicit Material Ban on Blogger Blogs


Google has decided it is time to implement a ban on explicit material on Blogger blogs. The company owns the blogging platform, which is one of the most popularly used around the world. One thing that many people like about it is that it is free but can also be monetized.

However, there has been a problem with porn and nudity on these blogs. They are certainly not family-friendly, and parents are fed up of seeing Google say it is cracking down on porn and then have it on its own blogging platform. It has led to Google to update its policies and that includes an anti-adult section. All users who still have a Blogger blog that contains any adult content will find their blogs removed from being live.

Users were warned Monday that they need to censor their explicit content if they want to keep their blogs. Only those with the “adult content warning” on their page were alerted to this. Those without this warning were presumed not to need this news.

Before now, Google has always said that censoring the adult content would be contrary to freedom of expression. It allowed videos and images with sexual activities and nudity. It seems that the company decided adults should decide whether they want to view something or not—and set up controls to keep their children safe. However, the adults have spoken out about this, and Google is now implementing a ban on all explicit material on Blogger blogs.

Users will have until March 23, 2015 to remove the content. The links in search engines will also be removed to make sure people cannot find them. There are a number of bloggers unhappy with this decision from Google, especially since it seems just out of the blue.

There are already many questions over the type of blogs that have been labelled as adult content. Film-makers, nude art photographers, illustrators and erotic writers will all be hit. Romance book reviewers and editors will also likely find their blogs are shut down. Sex education blogs could be closed down, along with LGBT blogs. It could open a can of worms, as people argue that their blogs are not actually full of adult material but for genuine educational needs.

Bloggers do have the choice. They can censor their own material, which could allow some of the bloggers to remain. However, Google will have the final say over whether the blogs will remain or not. Anything the company deems is violating the updated policies will be removed.

The only good news is that the blogs will not be completely deleted. While Google will remove them from search engines and take them out of public viewing, the individuals will still get access to their sites. This is much better news that others who have found their blogs have apparently broken one of Google’s policies. The company has a bad habit of deleting and forgetting about users.

It is raising debate and concern. However, Google has spoken and it is implementing the ban on all explicit material on its Blogger blogs next month.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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