Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short Play ‘Word Sneak’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday February 19, 2015, was terrific, and Fallon’s guests were comedian and actor Martin Short and actress Ruth Wilson. Later in the show, Martin Short played the game Word Sneak with Fallon. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was the band Walk the Moon.

Jimmy Fallon got a standing ovation as he walked onto the stage, and he started off the show talking about what a hot audience the audience was and what a great show they would be seeing. Then he did his monologue, making fun of topics ripped from today’s headlines. For example, he joked about Jeb Bush giving a speech yesterday and saying that ISIS had 200,000 men instead of 20,000. He also said that Obama said “‘The Affordable Care Act was a success.’ Then, he moonwalked out of the room.”

Jimmy Fallon then did his version of a moonwalk, hoping that the band would play Billie Jean. He said “What’s the matter? We couldn’t afford Billie Jean?” He said “A new Dr. Seuss book is coming out in July. I wouldn’t say it’s spooky, but it’s called The Ghost Who Wrote the Most.” Fallon said yesterday, someone had his house broken into and stuff stolen by Vanilla Ice. Queen and David Bowie said, ‘Been there, done that.'” He then did an impersonation of David Bowie.

Jimmy Fallon mentioned that a man in Arkansas asked his ex-wife to marry him 43 years after they had gotten a divorce. The kids said, ‘Oh, great — only one Christmas now.'” Then, Jimmy Fallon showed a video of a woman in Boston who was calling her cat to come in from being outside. She opened the front door and said “Come in,” and when the cat jumped in off of a high snowdrift, some snow came in, also.

Jimmy Fallon announced who tomorrow’s guests would be, and then said that Martin Short would be a guest tonight. Fallon said “He is the funniest man I’ve ever met.” Jimmy Fallon showed a clip of him onstage at the SNL 40th Anniversary Special with Maya Rudolph singing as Beyonce, and Martin fighting to stay upright, because of the wind machine that was on. He said actress Ruth Wilson from The Affair is also a guest tonight, and the musical guest would be Walk the Moon.

Jimmy Fallon then did his weekly Hashtag comedy bit. He started the hashtag, #OhH**lSnow. One tweet was about a woman who thought her car door was frozen shut, and she spent 20 minutes clearing the ice off. Then, she found out it was just locked. Another tweet Jimmy Fallon read was “One time we got snowed in and I was Amazon shopping so much the mailman said ‘Your mom needs a hobby!'” Yet another was about someone’s dad who tried to siphon gas using a snow blower.

Then, Jimmy Fallon mentioned one about a woman who was using a public bathroom and had not shaved her legs all winter. A kid looked under the stall and yelled out, “There’s a man in there!”

After the Tonight Show came back from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced Martin Short. Martin is in a one-man play and Jimmy Fallon also mentioned a book he has on the New York Times Bestsellers list. “I’m more excited than a Wahlberg in a Fedora shop. What a band! The only band that works harder is Chris Christie’s lap band.” He said he had ridden there in a carriage, “because I like to pamper myself.”

At the SNL After Party, Martin Short said “I hugged everybody! A lot of them didn’t want to be hugged.” Short said he hugged Jimmy Fallon and then said “Your hair — it really doesn’t look so good.”

Martin Short said that the “whole night was astounding — it was epic.” They talked about Prince having been one of the singers there, and Paul McCartney. Jimmy Fallon said he was a slow reader, but he was enjoying reading Martin Short’s book. Short related the story of when he met Al Pacino. He said “Mr. Pacino, I just hope you understand you have inspired every actor my age.”

Then, Al Pacino wondered where his vodka tonic was that he had ordered 20 minutes ago. He apparently thought that Short was a waiter. Martin Short also talked about meeting Frank Sinatra, and he said “You have no idea how much of a fan I am of yours.” Frank said “Oh, I think I do.”

Martin Short pointed out that there is a quote from Steve Martin on the back of the book’s cover that says “I read this book from the back to the front and I was shocked by how surprising the beginning was.”

Short stars in the play “It’s Only a Play.” Jimmy Fallon then challenged him to play a game, which Short said he would do, when the Tonight Show returns after another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short played Word Sneak, as they talked about the play. The object was to work in a word on cards into the conversation, like “Enchiladas” and “Corkscrew.” Martin had to also work in the word “Cialis,” and Jimmy Fallon had to say “Fishsticks.” Martin also had to work in the words “Back Hair.”

Fallon then had the phrase “Velcro Shoes.” Martin Short was next, and the word he was supposed to work into the conversation was “Tetherballs.” Jimmy Fallon then was up, and he had to work into the conversation the words “Beer Nuts.” It was a crazy game, but a pretty funny good time.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned, Golden Globe award winner, actress Ruth Wilson, was his second guest. She had starred in The Affair and is now starring in the play, “Constellations,” on Broadway. She said that Judge Dred was filmed, in part, in the English town she grew up in.

“You used to reenact Platoon in your bedroom?” Jimmy Fallon asked her.

“I did, when I was eight years old.” She reenacted the scene when the lead actor gets shot like 89 times. Fallon asked her to reenact the scene now, so she did, as The Roots played ominous music.

Then, Jimmy Fallon and Ruth Wilson talked about the play, “Constellations,” she is starring in with Jake Gyllenhaal. They are doing extra matinees for younger audiences, and only charging $30 for the shows so that they can more easily afford seeing the play. Jimmy Fallon said “You’re getting rave reviews and I can’t wait to see it.”

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show went to more commercials, but when it came back on, Jimmy Fallon introduced the musical group of the evening, Walk the Moon. The band, which Fallon said hit number one on Billboard’s Alternative Music chart, performed Shut Up and Dance from the album Talking Is Hard. The band had the audience clapping their hands from the beginning of the song. They put on an AMAZING and very energetic performance.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Thursday February 19 was another fantastic episode. Martin Short was funny, and he played the game Word Sneak with Fallon. Then, actress Ruth Wilson talked with Jimmy Fallon about her childhood and the play she is starring in, “Constellations.” The amazing band, Walk the Moon, was the musical guest of the night.

By: Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short Play Word Sneak

Variety (on “Constellations”)
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