Mayweather-Pacquiao: Signs Indicating Announcement Imminent


As the long-awaited Mayweather-Pacquiao fight continues to smolder, suggesting to some the fight will happen and to others the fight will not happen, insiders appear to be tipping their hand. Additionally, the time-table for a May 2 fight makes it rather difficult for Mayweather to procure a legitimate, fan-friendly opponent outside of Pacquiao in so short a time. As the clock continues to tick subtle signs are emerging indicating that the long hoped for Mayweather-Pacquiao announcement is imminent.

Pacquiao clearly knows something he has been instructed not to divulge. In a recent Instagram post Pac said that he was going back into serious training then asked the tantalizing question “Fight who??????” He then said, in cryptic fashion, “Hehehe I’m excited for this.” This is Pac-talk for I am now going into serious training for the Mayweather fight.

While many are misinterpreting the relative silence coming out of both camps, the silence is actually the result of a gag-order insisted upon by Mayweather himself in the meeting between principals a few weeks back in Miami. At the meeting Money May expressed dismay at the misinformation he felt was coming out of the negotiating process, and while not pointing the finger at the Pacquiao camp per se, Bob Arum, Mayweather’s erstwhile gadfly, was discussed. Michael Koncz agreed and publicly declared that he would be tight-lipped from thereon out.

As it turns out, Mayweather’s pointed insistence notwithstanding, Arum, who cannot appear to help himself, has emerged as the lone wolf and only player in the process that has varied from the agreement to put a clamp on statements to the press. Apparently the top brass at all of the principal negotiating teams including HBO and CBS/Showtime have expressed misgivings about Arum’s continued insistence on going rogue. All acknowledge however that Arum is his own boss and will do whatever he feels is in his own best interest.

The management team at Top Rank together with those representing same in the negotiations are beyond angry at Arum for failing to go along with the gag-order and putting the fight at risk. These selfsame Top Rank sources are suggesting that Arum’s ongoing dialogue with the public stems from his utter disdain for Mayweather and his own personal belief that while the fight will happen, he intends to rough up Mayweather along the way. As insider-sourced information continues to filter out it, happily for anxious fans, it is becoming clear that, like signs on a roadway, fight negotiations are in earnest fully indicating that a Mayweather-Pacquiao announcement is imminent.

Principals in the negotiating process recognize the importance of silence in delicate negotiations and are held hostage only by the prospects of making money. While Arum is clearly held hostage by a hatred for Money May, the stakes are far too high to let Arum’s pettiness derail the process. Those close to the negotiations are admitting that because of the prospects for high profits, stock holders and vested interests alike do not just want or expect the fight, they are demanding that it take place. Both Mayweather and Pacquiao are in the twilight of their careers so the powers that be want to strike while the prospects for profit are still high. There is not just a vested interest on the part of those expecting to profit from the fight, but an absolute, non-negotiable demand that it take place.

Taken together the admittedly sometimes subtle signs coming out of the Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiating process are indicating that not only will the fight take place but that the announcement is imminent. It is clear that the Pacquiao camp knows this and is already on track for one of their more committed training camps in years. For exhausted fans, the news cannot come soon enough.

Commentary By Matthew R. Fellows


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