Pretty Little Liars: Our Damned Spot [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

This week’s Pretty Little Liars episode, titled Our Damned Spot, picked up where last week left. The girls are still making decisions over colleges and they still have issues with their respective boyfriends or girlfriends. However, there is a development in the A list, with a new number one suspect being made known.

Once again, the four girls do not act very smart, especially considering they are all supposed to be! They are donating blood at the church blood drive, when Mike is spotted doing something shifty. All but Aria believes that he is stealing their donations to frame them. Really, if they believed that someone was going to frame them for Mona’s murder, they should not have been giving blood in the first place. After five seasons of Pretty Little Liars, they know what A is capable of doing.

Andrew is back, catching Aria cheating from him. Rather than turn her in, he offers to tutor her. He did tutor Spencer after all. That is not the only boy Aria is getting close to, though. She meets Hank Mahoney, who she learns called her brother’s phone from jail. Of course, the viewers got to see that Hank is not 100 percent innocent, as he has the blood vials likely from Mike. Emily also notes that Mike was withdrawing a lot of money.

Emily and Aria tail Mike, with Andrew coming along. It turns out that he is the only one who is able to drive a stick, so he is a necessity at this point. Hank turns out to be Cyrus Petrillo, and the Liars know that this has something to do with Alison. After all, he pretended to kidnap her. The Pretty Little Liars do not get all their answers in Our Damned Spot, as Mike runs away and Cyrus corners the girls. Andrew scares him off, and Emily tells him that they believe Mike has a drug problem. Andrew seems to take the explanation. It is certainly possibly, considering most of the town know about Mike’s dark past.

Spencer is getting in deeper with Jonny, who convinces her to graffiti Hollis. If only Toby could see them, but he is too busy ignoring his girlfriend. Emily is not having much luck in the love department, either. She finds out that Talia is married, and the person comes as a shock. She married her high school boyfriend, and they just never divorced. At the same time, Aria is ignoring Ezra, not even saying that she got a “conditional admission” to a Savannah art school.

There was some good news in the love department, but not for any of the main characters in Pretty Little Liars. Ashley decided to say yes to Pastor Ted. It would have been good news had she not admitted to sleeping with Jason. So, that partial good news becomes more bad news when Ted starts giving her the cold shoulder.

It was mostly about the relationships during this week’s episode, except for the Mike storyline. Is Mike just out for revenge on Our Damned Spot, or is he the one that has been after the Pretty Little Liars after all this time?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham