Secret Service to Conduct Drone Exercises Over Washington

secret serviceThe United States Secret Service released a statement today saying it will conduct drones exercises over Washington airspace in the near future. The Secret Service stated the drills have been meticulously planned and organized with government agencies, which will be “tightly controlled”.

The Secret Service is not releasing information regarding the locations where the exercises will be conducted, though drones will most likely fly over areas of Washington that are sensitive sites or are currently heavily restricted airspace. Airspace above the White House, U.S. Capitol, and other government institutions in downtown Washington is heavily restricted.

At the moment, the purpose of the drone exercises is not clear. However, the drills come in a time of heightened scrutiny about the security risks posed by drones flying over domestic cities. Just last month, a government employee who was piloting a recreational drone accidentally crashed it into the front lawn of the White House. Legislation has been proposed regarding the regulations for piloting commercial drones in domestic airspace.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Adam Fagen – Flickr License