Selena Gomez ‘Disturbing’ Cover Does Just as Intended


Critics of V magazine’s latest cover featuring Selena Gomez are outraged at what they feel is a deliberate attempt to make the 22-year-old singer look much younger than her age. Although most women welcome the opportunity to look younger, many claim that the youthful styling of the star, which was done by stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, coupled with the racy, topless pose, is inappropriate and ‘disturbing.’ Whether it is or not, the Gomez cover is doing exactly what it is intended to – sell magazine.

The fashion magazine’s cover image depicts Gomez, who has been described as having a “baby face” to begin with, wearing only a pair of high-waisted, denim shorts? bikini bottoms? with arms crossed to cover her breasts. Her long, curly brown hair is held back with a red-and-white, polka-dotted bow. The make-up artist has applied false lashes and heavy mascara to create a “doll-eyed” look, while only sheer, shiny gloss was used on Gomez’ lips.

The effect of the make-up and accessories is one of a young pre-teen whose parents have just allowed her to begin using make-up. Coupled with her sexy pose and wearing only a pair of short shorts, the look has spurred comparisons to Lolita and phrases such as “jail bait” among those viewing the Gomez cover.

The photos inside only add fuel to the fire. In one black-and-white image, Gomez wears a gingham bikini with fabric flowers decorating the strapless top. On her head rests the kind of cowboy hat worn by children of times past playing “Cowboys and Indians,” complete with straps under the chin to hold the hat in place. Her neck is encircled by a Chanel bandanna in true cowboy fashion, and on her ears – still more fabric flowers.

The criticism of her cover and the inside images seem to have had no effect on Gomez, who has posted a number of the photos on her Instagram page. Of course, the actress/singer has seen her fair share of controversy in her 22 years and has surely developed a thick skin by now. When she was just 19, Gomez acted in the 2013 movie Spring Breakers, which is described as a “raunchy comedy.”

Her high-profile, on-and-off romance with singer Justin Bieber, which began in 2012, caused her every action to be recorded and inspected by the public. Gomez tells V that she made youthful mistakes in her very public relationship with the oft-ridiculed Bieber, saying that she “was 18 years old, and it was my first love.” With age, she says, she is learning to keep certain parts of her life a little more private.

In the interview, conducted by actor James Franco, Gomez opens herself up more than she has in the past. Although she says that she has no regrets about her rocky romance with Bieber, she admits that now that it is over, she is happier than she has ever been. She admits to Franco that the attention of paparazzi and the media that she received whilst in the midst of the break-up last year caused her to suffer from anxiety and depression, which affected Gomez so much that she stayed inside of her home for several months.

The issue of V on which Gomez appears will hit newsstands on Feb. 26. The “disturbing” styling of the cover image seems to have done exactly what it was supposed to do, in that the magazine, when it is offered for sale, will no doubt fly off the shelves.

Opinion by Jennifer Pfalz

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Article Image by Rashid Akrim – Flickr License